RES 4.99K OHM 1/4W .1% 0406 WIDE

MCW 0406 AT Thin Film Chip Resistor


This presentation will describe the unique features of the MCW 0406 AT thin film chip resistor series. Besides the basic electrical parameters, the advantages of the MCW 0406 AT when compared to other chip resistors with similar case sizes will be discussed.

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MCW0406 - Precision
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)ToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
MCW0406MD4991BP100RES SMD 4.99K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04064.99k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD1502BP100RES SMD 15K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040615k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD2002BP100RES SMD 20K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040620k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD2492BP100RES SMD 24.9K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040624.9k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD3012BP100RES SMD 30.1K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040630.1k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD1003BP100RES SMD 100K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 0406100k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD7501BP100RES SMD 7.5K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04067.5k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD3011BP100RES SMD 3.01K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04063.01k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD4022BP100RES SMD 40.2K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040640.2k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD7502BP100RES SMD 75K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040675k±0.1% <!--Precision-->0
MCW0406MD4990BP100RES SMD 499 OHM 0.1% 1/4W 0406499±0.1% <!--Precision-->992 - Immediate
MCW0406MD1002BP100RES SMD 10K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040610k±0.1% <!--Precision-->902 - Immediate
MCW0406MD1001BP100RES SMD 1K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04061k±0.1% <!--Precision-->778 - Immediate
MCW0406MD1501BP100RES SMD 1.5K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04061.5k±0.1% <!--Precision-->985 - Immediate
MCW0406MD2001BP100RES SMD 2K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04062k±0.1% <!--Precision-->896 - Immediate
MCW0406MD2491BP100RES SMD 2.49K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04062.49k±0.1% <!--Precision-->950 - Immediate
MCW0406MD4999BP100RES SMD 49.9 OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040649.9±0.1% <!--Precision-->495 - Immediate
MCW0406MD1000BP100RES SMD 100 OHM 0.1% 1/4W 0406100±0.1% <!--Precision-->881 - Immediate
MCW0406MD4021BP100RES SMD 4.02K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 04064.02k±0.1% <!--Precision-->950 - Immediate
MCW0406MD4992BP100RES SMD 49.9K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 040649.9k±0.1% <!--Precision-->990 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2013-10-04