VI Brick IBC - industry standard fixed ratio IBC’s (1/4 and 1/8 Bricks)

Vicor Corporation

This presentation will provide an overview of the available options, features and benefits of the VI Brick series of IBCs.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
IB050Q120T53N1-00 datasheet linkIBC MODULE 12VDC 53A 650WIB050Q120T53N1-00IBC MODULE 12VDC 53A 650WTrayActiveIntermediate Bus Converter6 - Immediate
IB050Q120T53N1-00 product page link
IB050E120T32N1-00 datasheet linkIBC MODULE 12VDC 32A 300WIB050E120T32N1-00IBC MODULE 12VDC 32A 300WTrayActiveIntermediate Bus Converter12 - Immediate
IB050E120T32N1-00 product page link
IB050E120T40N1-00 datasheet linkIBC MODULE 12VDC 40A 500WIB050E120T40N1-00IBC MODULE 12VDC 40A 500WTrayActiveIntermediate Bus Converter12 - Immediate
IB050E120T40N1-00 product page link
IB050E096T48N1-00 datasheet linkIBC MODULE 9.6VDC 48A 500WIB050E096T48N1-00IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 48A 500WTrayActiveIntermediate Bus Converter10 - Immediate
IB050E096T48N1-00 product page link
IB050Q096T70N1-00 datasheet linkIBC MODULE 9.6VDC 70A 750WIB050Q096T70N1-00IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 70A 750WTrayActiveIntermediate Bus Converter11 - Immediate
IB050Q096T70N1-00 product page link
IB050E096T40N1-00 datasheet linkIBC MODULE 9.6VDC 40A 300WIB050E096T40N1-00IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 40A 300WTrayActiveIntermediate Bus Converter0IB050E096T40N1-00 product page link
PTM Published on: 2012-04-25