Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Regulator - Point-of-Load Regulation

Vicor Corporation

This presentation will introduce the newest additions to the series and show how the existing point-of load regulators have been improved. The objectives include how the products are meeting industry demands, the integration of a proprietary ZVS (Zero-Voltage Switching) topology, the differences to a conventional buck, the product’s specifications, ease of use with I2C interface options and the advantage of high density and high efficiency.
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DC-DC Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable Quantity
PI3303-00-LGIZ datasheet linkNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 12V 8API3303-00-LGIZNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 12V 8ATrayNon-Isolated PoL Module1693 - Immediate
PI3303-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3311-00-LGIZ datasheet linkNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 10API3311-00-LGIZNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 10ATrayNon-Isolated PoL Module1266 - Immediate
PI3311-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3302-00-LGIZ datasheet linkNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10API3302-00-LGIZNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10ATrayNon-Isolated PoL Module1178 - Immediate
PI3302-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3302-20-LGIZ datasheet linkNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10API3302-20-LGIZNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10ATrayNon-Isolated PoL Module, Digital1428 - Immediate
PI3302-20-LGIZ product page link
PI3301-01-LGIZ datasheet linkNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 15API3301-01-LGIZNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 15ATrayNon-Isolated PoL Module1162 - Immediate
PI3301-01-LGIZ product page link
PI3106-00-HVMZ datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 4.2A 50WPI3106-00-HVMZDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 4.2A 50WTubeIsolated Module1188 - Immediate
PI3106-00-HVMZ product page link
PI3111-00-HVMZ datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 15V 3.3A 50WPI3111-00-HVMZDC/DC CONVERTER 15V 3.3A 50WTubeIsolated Module164 - Immediate
PI3111-00-HVMZ product page link
PI3109-00-HVMZ datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10A 50WPI3109-00-HVMZDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10A 50WTubeIsolated Module157 - Immediate
PI3109-00-HVMZ product page link
PI3312-00-LGIZ datasheet linkNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 10API3312-00-LGIZNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 10ATrayNon-Isolated PoL Module10PI3312-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3318-00-LGIZ datasheet linkNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1.8V 10API3318-00-LGIZNON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1.8V 10ATrayNon-Isolated PoL Module10PI3318-00-LGIZ product page link
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Evaluation Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeOutputs and TypePower - OutputAvailable Quantity
PI3109-00-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR PI3109-00-HVMZPI3109-00-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3109-00-HVMZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W5 - Immediate
PI3109-00-EVAL1 product page link
PI3302-00-EVAL1 datasheet linkPICOR EVAL BD PI3302-00PI3302-00-EVAL1PICOR EVAL BD PI3302-00DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-6 - Immediate
PI3302-00-EVAL1 product page link
PI3101-00-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVALUATION BOARD FOR PI3101PI3101-00-EVAL1EVALUATION BOARD FOR PI3101DC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated60W6 - Immediate
PI3101-00-EVAL1 product page link
PI3111-00-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR PI3111-00-HVMZPI3111-00-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3111-00-HVMZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W4 - Immediate
PI3111-00-EVAL1 product page link
PI3106-01-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-01-HVIZPI3106-01-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-01-HVIZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W3 - Immediate
PI3106-01-EVAL1 product page link
PI3106-00-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-00-HVMZPI3106-00-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-00-HVMZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W0PI3106-00-EVAL1 product page link
PI3318-20-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVAL BD PI3318-20PI3318-20-EVAL1EVAL BD PI3318-20DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-2 - Immediate
PI3318-20-EVAL1 product page link
PI3311-00-EVAL1 datasheet linkPICOR EVAL BD PI3311-00PI3311-00-EVAL1PICOR EVAL BD PI3311-00DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-0PI3311-00-EVAL1 product page link
PI3318-01-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVAL BD PI3318-01PI3318-01-EVAL1EVAL BD PI3318-01DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-0PI3318-01-EVAL1 product page link
PI3301-21-EVAL1 datasheet linkEVAL BD PI3301-21PI3301-21-EVAL1EVAL BD PI3301-21DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-0PI3301-21-EVAL1 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-12-28