Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator - point-of-load conversion

Vicor Corporation

This presentation is intended to show power designers the benefits of these products and the different types available for various applications.
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DC-DC Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable Quantity
DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 4.2A 50WPI3106-01-HVIZDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 4.2A 50WIsolated Module1212 - Immediate
PI3106-01-HVIZ product page link
DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 4.2A 50WPI3106-00-HVMZDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 4.2A 50WIsolated Module1398 - Immediate
PI3106-00-HVMZ product page link
DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10A 50WPI3109-00-HVMZDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10A 50WIsolated Module198 - Immediate
PI3109-00-HVMZ product page link
DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 3.3A 50WPI3111-00-HVMZDC/DC CONVERTER 15V 3.3A 50WIsolated Module155 - Immediate
PI3111-00-HVMZ product page link
DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 60WPI3105-00-HVIZDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 60WIsolated Module168 - Immediate
PI3105-00-HVIZ product page link
DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 18A SMDPI3101-00-HVIZDC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 18A SMDIsolated Module122 - Immediate
PI3101-00-HVIZ product page link
DC/DC CONVERTER 48V/18VPI3110-01-HVIZDC/DC CONVERTER 48V/18VIsolated Module10PI3110-01-HVIZ product page link

Evaluation Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeOutputs and TypePower - OutputAvailable Quantity
EVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-00-HVMZPI3106-00-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-00-HVMZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W8 - Immediate
PI3106-00-EVAL1 product page link
EVAL BOARD FOR PI3109-00-HVMZPI3109-00-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3109-00-HVMZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W7 - Immediate
PI3109-00-EVAL1 product page link
EVALUATION BOARD FOR PI3101PI3101-00-EVAL1EVALUATION BOARD FOR PI3101DC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated60W9 - Immediate
PI3101-00-EVAL1 product page link
EVAL BOARD FOR PI3111-00-HVMZPI3111-00-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3111-00-HVMZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W5 - Immediate
PI3111-00-EVAL1 product page link
PI3105-00 EVALUATION BOARDPI3105-00-EVAL1PI3105-00 EVALUATION BOARDDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated60W4 - Immediate
PI3105-00-EVAL1 product page link
EVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-01-HVIZPI3106-01-EVAL1EVAL BOARD FOR PI3106-01-HVIZDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated50W2 - Immediate
PI3106-01-EVAL1 product page link
PI3110-01 EVALUATION BAORDPI3110-01-EVAL1PI3110-01 EVALUATION BAORDDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated60W0PI3110-01-EVAL1 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-09-25