Thermistor Application

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The unique characteristics of NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors will be defined in this presentation. It will explain key design considerations for using NTC thermistors in temperature measurement and control applications.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingResistance in Ohms @ 25°CResistance ToleranceAvailable Quantity
PT103J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 10K 0.2C EPOXYPT103J2THERMISTOR NTC 10K 0.2C EPOXYBulk10k±0.2°C9465 - Immediate
PT103J2 product page link
PS222J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 2252 0.1C EPOXYPS222J2THERMISTOR NTC 2252 0.1C EPOXYBulk2.252k±0.1°C4811 - Immediate
PS222J2 product page link
PS103J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 10K 0.1C EPOXYPS103J2THERMISTOR NTC 10K 0.1C EPOXYBulk10k±0.1°C7569 - Immediate
PS103J2 product page link
PS302J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 3K 0.1C EPOXYPS302J2THERMISTOR NTC 3K 0.1C EPOXYBulk3k±0.1°C3136 - Immediate
PS302J2 product page link
103JG1J datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 10K 5% DO-35103JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 10K 5% DO-35Bulk10k±5%1328 - Immediate
103JG1J product page link
PT502J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 5K 0.2C EPOXYPT502J2THERMISTOR NTC 5K 0.2C EPOXYBulk5k±0.2°C1031 - Immediate
PT502J2 product page link
PS303J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 30K 0.1C EPOXYPS303J2THERMISTOR NTC 30K 0.1C EPOXYBulk30k±0.1°C2933 - Immediate
PS303J2 product page link
PS502J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 5K 0.1C EPOXYPS502J2THERMISTOR NTC 5K 0.1C EPOXYBulk5k±0.1°C0PS502J2 product page link
303JG1J datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 30K 5% DO-35303JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 30K 5% DO-35Bulk30k±5%4137 - Immediate
303JG1J product page link
PT302J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 3K 0.2C EPOXYPT302J2THERMISTOR NTC 3K 0.2C EPOXYBulk3k±0.2°C1433 - Immediate
PT302J2 product page link
PS104J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 100K 0.1C EPOXYPS104J2THERMISTOR NTC 100K 0.1C EPOXYBulk100k±0.1°C458 - Immediate
PS104J2 product page link
203JG1J datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 20K 5% DO-35203JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 20K 5% DO-35Bulk20k±5%383 - Immediate
203JG1J product page link
104JG1J datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 100K 5% DO-35104JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 100K 5% DO-35Bulk100k±5%822 - Immediate
104JG1J product page link
252FG1J datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 2.5K 5% DO-35252FG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 2.5K 5% DO-35Bulk2.5k±5%345 - Immediate
252FG1J product page link
PT303J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 30K 0.2C EPOXYPT303J2THERMISTOR NTC 30K 0.2C EPOXYBulk30k±0.2°C324 - Immediate
PT303J2 product page link
PT222J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 2252 0.2C EPOXYPT222J2THERMISTOR NTC 2252 0.2C EPOXYBulk2.252k±0.2°C266 - Immediate
PT222J2 product page link
503JG1J datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 50K 5% DO-35503JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 50K 5% DO-35Bulk50k±5%578 - Immediate
503JG1J product page link
PS503J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 50K 0.1C EPOXYPS503J2THERMISTOR NTC 50K 0.1C EPOXYBulk50k±0.1°C141 - Immediate
PS503J2 product page link
502FG1J datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 5K 5% DO-35502FG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 5K 5% DO-35Bulk5k±5%598 - Immediate
502FG1J product page link
PT503J2 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR NTC 50K 0.2C EPOXYPT503J2THERMISTOR NTC 50K 0.2C EPOXYBulk50k±0.2°C0PT503J2 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-04