Crystal Oscillator 32.000MHZ Sine Wave SMD

TCXO Overview

TXC Corporation

This presentation will explain what a TCXO is and provide a brief guide on how to choose the proper TCXO for an application.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFrequencyAvailable QuantityBuy Now
7Q-40.000MBS-TOSC VCTCXO 40.000MHZ CL SNWV SMDVCTCXO40MHz3040 - Immediate
7Q-16.369MBG-TOSC TCXO 16.369MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO16.369MHz6482 - Immediate
7L-16.368MCG-TOSC TCXO 16.368MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO16.368MHz4113 - Immediate
7L-19.200MCS-TOSC VCTCXO 19.2MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDVCTCXO19.2MHz2887 - Immediate
7Q-16.367667MBN-TOSC TCXO 16.367667MHZ CLSNWV SMDTCXO16.367667MHz343 - Immediate
7Q-16.368MBN-TOSC TCXO 16.368MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO16.368MHz272 - Immediate
7Q-19.200MBS-TOSC VCTCXO 19.2MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDVCTCXO19.2MHz2368 - Immediate
7Q-16.368MBG-TOSC TCXO 16.368MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO16.368MHz2436 - Immediate
7Q-26.000MBG-TOSC TCXO 26.000MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO26MHz1867 - Immediate
7L-40.000MCS-TOSC VCTCXO 40.000MHZ CL SNWV SMDVCTCXO40MHz1845 - Immediate
7Q-16.3676MBG-TOSC TCXO 16.3676MHZ SNWV SMDTCXO16.3676MHz269 - Immediate
7Q-16.367667MBG-TOSC TCXO 16.367667MHZ CLSNWV SMDTCXO16.367667MHz144 - Immediate
7L-26.000MCG-TOSC TCXO 26.000MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO26MHz2838 - Immediate
7L-16.369MCG-TOSC TCXO 16.369MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO16.369MHz2595 - Immediate
7L-26.000MCS-TOSC VCTCXO 26.000MHZ CL SNWV SMDVCTCXO26MHz36 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-12