MEMS Oscillator

TXC Corporation

This presentation covers what a MEMS Oscillator is, how to choose the right device, and also covers the manufacturing process. 
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
TA-12.288MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 12.288MHZ CMOS SMDTA-12.288MBD-TOSC MEMS 12.288MHZ CMOS SMDActiveMEMS (Silicon)1872 - Immediate
TA-12.288MBD-T product page link
TA-11.0592MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 11.0592MHZ CMOS SMDTA-11.0592MBD-TOSC MEMS 11.0592MHZ CMOS SMDActiveMEMS (Silicon)996 - Immediate
TA-11.0592MBD-T product page link
TA-13.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 13.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-13.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 13.000MHZ CMOS SMDActiveMEMS (Silicon)877 - Immediate
TA-13.000MBD-T product page link
TA-12.352MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 12.352MHZ CMOS SMDTA-12.352MBD-TOSC MEMS 12.352MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)427 - Immediate
TA-12.352MBD-T product page link
TA-1.8432MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 1.8432MHZ CMOS SMDTA-1.8432MBD-TOSC MEMS 1.8432MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)426 - Immediate
TA-1.8432MBD-T product page link
TA-1.544MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 1.544MHZ CMOS SMDTA-1.544MBD-TOSC MEMS 1.544MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)419 - Immediate
TA-1.544MBD-T product page link
TA-10.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 10.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-10.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 10.000MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)413 - Immediate
TA-10.000MBD-T product page link
TA-16.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 16.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-16.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 16.000MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)384 - Immediate
TA-16.000MBD-T product page link
TA-12.500MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 12.50MHZ CMOS SMDTA-12.500MBD-TOSC MEMS 12.50MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)356 - Immediate
TA-12.500MBD-T product page link
TA-15.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 15.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-15.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 15.000MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)317 - Immediate
TA-15.000MBD-T product page link
TA-106.250MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 106.25MHZ CMOS SMDTA-106.250MBD-TOSC MEMS 106.25MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)427 - Immediate
TA-106.250MBD-T product page link
TA-133.330MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 133.33MHZ CMOS SMDTA-133.330MBD-TOSC MEMS 133.33MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)428 - Immediate
TA-133.330MBD-T product page link
TA-150.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 150.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-150.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 150.000MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)358 - Immediate
TA-150.000MBD-T product page link
TA-125.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 125.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-125.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 125.000MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)284 - Immediate
TA-125.000MBD-T product page link
TA-100.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 100.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-100.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 100.000MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)0TA-100.000MBD-T product page link
TA-12.000MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 12.000MHZ CMOS SMDTA-12.000MBD-TOSC MEMS 12.000MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)0TA-12.000MBD-T product page link
TA-12.200MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 12.20MHZ CMOS SMDTA-12.200MBD-TOSC MEMS 12.20MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)0TA-12.200MBD-T product page link
TA-13.513MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 13.513MHZ CMOS SMDTA-13.513MBD-TOSC MEMS 13.513MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)0TA-13.513MBD-T product page link
TA-14.31818MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 14.31818MHZ CMOS SMDTA-14.31818MBD-TOSC MEMS 14.31818MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)0TA-14.31818MBD-T product page link
TA-14.7456MBD-T datasheet linkOSC MEMS 14.7456MHZ CMOS SMDTA-14.7456MBD-TOSC MEMS 14.7456MHZ CMOS SMDDiscontinuedMEMS (Silicon)0TA-14.7456MBD-T product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-04-02