OPB350 Medical Applications

TT Electronics/Optek Technology

This tutorial will discuss the sensing capabilities of the OPB350 for medical applications. It will also give an overview on how the OPB350 works, including how the output voltage can be used to identify the substance being monitored.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
OPB350 datasheet linkSENS OPTO SLOT 3.18MM TRANS THRUOPB350SENS OPTO SLOT 3.18MM TRANS THRU1346 - Immediate
OPB350 product page link
OPB350L250 datasheet linkSENS OPTO SLOT 6.35MM TRANS THRUOPB350L250SENS OPTO SLOT 6.35MM TRANS THRU831 - Immediate
OPB350L250 product page link
OPB350W125Z datasheet linkTUBE LIQUID SENSOR.125" WIRE TABOPB350W125ZTUBE LIQUID SENSOR.125" WIRE TAB618 - Immediate
OPB350W125Z product page link
OPB350W250Z datasheet linkSENS OPTO SLOT 6.35MM TRANS C-MTOPB350W250ZSENS OPTO SLOT 6.35MM TRANS C-MT375 - Immediate
OPB350W250Z product page link
OPB350W062Z datasheet linkSENSR OPTO SLOT 1.6MM TRANS C-MTOPB350W062ZSENSR OPTO SLOT 1.6MM TRANS C-MT857 - Immediate
OPB350W062Z product page link
OPB350W187Z datasheet linkSENS OPTO SLOT 4.78MM TRANS C-MTOPB350W187ZSENS OPTO SLOT 4.78MM TRANS C-MT497 - Immediate
OPB350W187Z product page link
OPB350L062 datasheet linkSENSR OPTO SLOT 1.6MM TRANS THRUOPB350L062SENSR OPTO SLOT 1.6MM TRANS THRU541 - Immediate
OPB350L062 product page link
OPB350L125 datasheet linkTUBE LIQUID SENSOR .125" PCB MTOPB350L125TUBE LIQUID SENSOR .125" PCB MT193 - Immediate
OPB350L125 product page link
OPB350L187 datasheet linkSENS OPTO SLOT 4.78MM TRANS THRUOPB350L187SENS OPTO SLOT 4.78MM TRANS THRU166 - Immediate
OPB350L187 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-17