UPS Systems Basics

Tripp Lite

This tutorial will explain the need for UPS systems, review the three types of UPS systems and finish with an overview of complementary products that Tripp Lite offers to enhance the operation and manageability of its UPS Systems.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeApplicationsFormAvailable Quantity
SMART500RT1U datasheet linkUPS 500VA 300W 7OUT W/SOFTWARESMART500RT1UUPS 500VA 300W 7OUT W/SOFTWARELine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseRackmount9 - Immediate
SMART500RT1U product page link
SMART1500LCD datasheet linkUPS 1500VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBSMART1500LCDUPS 1500VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterRackmount12 - Immediate
SMART1500LCD product page link
SU1000XLA datasheet linkUPS TRUE ONLINE 1000VA 800W 6OUTSU1000XLAUPS TRUE ONLINE 1000VA 800W 6OUTOnline (Double Conversion)Network, Single PhaseTower4 - Immediate
SU1000XLA product page link
SU1500RTXL2UA datasheet linkUPS TRUEONLINE 1.5KVA 1200W 6OUTSU1500RTXL2UAUPS TRUEONLINE 1.5KVA 1200W 6OUTOnline (Double Conversion)Network, Single PhaseRackmount3 - Immediate
SU1500RTXL2UA product page link
AVR550U datasheet linkUPS 550VA 300W 8OUT USB RJ/11AVR550UUPS 550VA 300W 8OUT USB RJ/11Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterDesktop3 - Immediate
AVR550U product page link
AVR750U datasheet linkUPS 750VA 450W 12OUT USB RJ/11AVR750UUPS 750VA 450W 12OUT USB RJ/11Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterDesktop6 - Immediate
AVR750U product page link
AVR900U datasheet linkUPS 900VA 480W 12OUT RJ/11AVR900UUPS 900VA 480W 12OUT RJ/11Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterDesktop7 - Immediate
AVR900U product page link
OMNI900LCD datasheet linkUPS 900VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBOMNI900LCDUPS 900VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower3 - Immediate
OMNI900LCD product page link
OMNIVS1500XL datasheet linkUPS 1500VA 940W 120V 8OUT RJ45OMNIVS1500XLUPS 1500VA 940W 120V 8OUT RJ45Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower3 - Immediate
OMNIVS1500XL product page link
SU1000RTXL2UA datasheet linkUPS TRUE ONLINE 1.0KVA 800W 6OUTSU1000RTXL2UAUPS TRUE ONLINE 1.0KVA 800W 6OUTOnline (Double Conversion)Network, Single PhaseRackmount5 - Immediate
SU1000RTXL2UA product page link
BC PERS300 datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 300VA 3OUT 120VBC PERS300BATT BACKUP 300VA 3OUT 120VStandby (No Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower5 - Immediate
BC PERS300 product page link
BC PERS450 datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 450VA 3OUT 120VBC PERS450BATT BACKUP 450VA 3OUT 120VStandby (No Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower7 - Immediate
BC PERS450 product page link
BC PRO600 datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 600VA 3UPS/3SURGEBC PRO600BATT BACKUP 600VA 3UPS/3SURGEStandby (No Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower2 - Immediate
BC PRO600 product page link
OMNIVS1000 datasheet linkUPS 1000VA 500W 120V 8OUT RJ45OMNIVS1000UPS 1000VA 500W 120V 8OUT RJ45Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower3 - Immediate
OMNIVS1000 product page link
OMNIVS800 datasheet linkUPS 800VA 475W 7OUT RJ45OMNIVS800UPS 800VA 475W 7OUT RJ45Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower2 - Immediate
OMNIVS800 product page link
SMART750RM1U datasheet linkUPS 600W 6OUT RACKMNT W/SOFTWARESMART750RM1UUPS 600W 6OUT RACKMNT W/SOFTWARELine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseRackmount3 - Immediate
SMART750RM1U product page link
SMART1500 datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 980W W/CDROM SOFTWRSMART1500BATT BACKUP 980W W/CDROM SOFTWRLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseTower3 - Immediate
SMART1500 product page link
SMART1000RM1U datasheet linkUPS 1KVA 800W 6OUT RACK MOUNTSMART1000RM1UUPS 1KVA 800W 6OUT RACK MOUNTLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseRackmount1 - Immediate
SMART1000RM1U product page link
SMART1000LCD datasheet linkUPS 1000VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBSMART1000LCDUPS 1000VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower0SMART1000LCD product page link
SMART 2200NET datasheet linkUPS 2200VA 1700W 6OUT W/SOFTWARESMART 2200NETUPS 2200VA 1700W 6OUT W/SOFTWARELine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseTower1 - Immediate
SMART 2200NET product page link
OMNI SMT500PNP datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 500VA 6OUTLET/RJ11OMNI SMT500PNPBATT BACKUP 500VA 6OUTLET/RJ11Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower1 - Immediate
OMNI SMT500PNP product page link
OMNISMART350HG datasheet linkUPS 330VA 4OUT 2/RJ11 HOSPGRADEOMNISMART350HGUPS 330VA 4OUT 2/RJ11 HOSPGRADELine Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower1 - Immediate
OMNISMART350HG product page link
SMART3000RM2U datasheet linkUPS 3KVA 2250W 9OUT RACK MOUNTSMART3000RM2UUPS 3KVA 2250W 9OUT RACK MOUNTLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseRackmount1 - Immediate
SMART3000RM2U product page link
INTRNT OFFC700R datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 700VA 6OUT W/MODEMINTRNT OFFC700RBATT BACKUP 700VA 6OUT W/MODEMStandby (No Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower0INTRNT OFFC700R product page link
SMART1200LCD datasheet linkUPS 1200VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBSMART1200LCDUPS 1200VA 8OUT LCD DISP USBLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterRackmount0SMART1200LCD product page link
OMNI SMT700PNP datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 700VA 6OUTLET/RJ45OMNI SMT700PNPBATT BACKUP 700VA 6OUTLET/RJ45Line Interactive (Input Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower0OMNI SMT700PNP product page link
BC PRO1050 datasheet linkBATT BACKUP 705W 6 OUTLET 120VBC PRO1050BATT BACKUP 705W 6 OUTLET 120VStandby (No Regulation)Desktop, Home TheaterTower0BC PRO1050 product page link
SMART2200VS datasheet linkUPS SMARTPRO 2.2KVA 1600W 9OUTSMART2200VSUPS SMARTPRO 2.2KVA 1600W 9OUTLine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseTower0SMART2200VS product page link
SMART 3000NET datasheet linkUPS 3KVA 2400W 8OUT W/SOFTWARESMART 3000NETUPS 3KVA 2400W 8OUT W/SOFTWARELine Interactive (Input Regulation)Network, Single PhaseTower0SMART 3000NET product page link
SU2200RTXL2UA datasheet linkUPS TRUEONLINE 2.2KVA 1600W 7OUTSU2200RTXL2UAUPS TRUEONLINE 2.2KVA 1600W 7OUTOnline (Double Conversion)Network, Single PhaseRackmount0SU2200RTXL2UA product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-11-04