Voltage Reference

Selecting Voltage References

Texas Instruments

This tutorial will describe the main types of voltage references and discuss the comprehensive portfolio of Texas Instruments’ voltage reference products. There will be a review of the selection criteria that needs to be understood to make a design choice, and the product packages available will be presented.
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Voltage Reference

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionReference TypeOutput TypeAvailable Quantity
REF3030AIDBZT datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 3V SOT23-3REF3030AIDBZTIC VREF SERIES 3V SOT23-3SeriesFixed2630 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
REF3030AIDBZT product page link
LM4040A20IDBZR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 2.048V SOT23LM4040A20IDBZRIC VREF SHUNT 2.048V SOT23ShuntFixed5686 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
LM4040A20IDBZR product page link
REF3112AIDBZT datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 1.25V SOT23-3REF3112AIDBZTIC VREF SERIES 1.25V SOT23-3SeriesFixed3467 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
REF3112AIDBZT product page link
LM4040D25IDCKR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SC70LM4040D25IDCKRIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SC70ShuntFixed1636 - Immediate
7273 - Factory Stock
LM4040D25IDCKR product page link
LM4040D25IDBZR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SOT23-3LM4040D25IDBZRIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SOT23-3ShuntFixed4085 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
LM4040D25IDBZR product page link
LM4040C25IDCKR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SC70LM4040C25IDCKRIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SC70ShuntFixed9501 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
LM4040C25IDCKR product page link
LM4040C25QDBZR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SOT23-3LM4040C25QDBZRIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SOT23-3ShuntFixed9527 - Immediate
10001 - Factory Stock
LM4040C25QDBZR product page link
LM4040C25IDBZR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SOT23-3LM4040C25IDBZRIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V SOT23-3ShuntFixed5277 - Immediate
3000 - Factory Stock
LM4040C25IDBZR product page link
LM4040A10IDBZR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 10V SOT23-3LM4040A10IDBZRIC VREF SHUNT 10V SOT23-3ShuntFixed3571 - Immediate
10001 - Factory Stock
LM4040A10IDBZR product page link
LM4040A20IDCKR datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT 2.048V SC70LM4040A20IDCKRIC VREF SHUNT 2.048V SC70ShuntFixed392 - Immediate
LM4040A20IDCKR product page link
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Gate Drivers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDriven ConfigurationChannel TypeAvailable Quantity
LM5110-1SD/NOPB datasheet linkIC DVR DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 10WSONLM5110-1SD/NOPBIC DVR DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 10WSONLow-SideIndependent10075 - Immediate
LM5110-1SD/NOPB product page link
LM5110-2M/NOPB datasheet linkIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLM5110-2M/NOPBIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLow-SideIndependent2713 - Immediate
LM5110-2M/NOPB product page link
LM5110-1M/NOPB datasheet linkIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLM5110-1M/NOPBIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLow-SideIndependent2401 - Immediate
LM5110-1M/NOPB product page link
LM5110-1M datasheet linkIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLM5110-1MIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLow-SideIndependent0LM5110-1M product page link
LM5110-2M datasheet linkIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLM5110-2MIC DRIVER DUAL 5A NEG VOUT 8SOICLow-SideIndependent0LM5110-2M product page link
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Amplifier ICs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAmplifier TypeNumber of CircuitsAvailable Quantity
LM8261M5/NOPB datasheet linkIC OPAMP GP 24MHZ RRO SOT23-5LM8261M5/NOPBIC OPAMP GP 24MHZ RRO SOT23-5General Purpose12298 - Immediate
10001 - Factory Stock
LM8261M5/NOPB product page link

Digital Isolators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTechnologyTypeAvailable Quantity
ISO7420D datasheet linkDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 8SOICISO7420DDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 8SOICCapacitive CouplingGeneral Purpose29 - Immediate
9975 - Factory Stock
ISO7420D product page link
PTM Published on: 2012-10-16