Portable Medical Solutions

Portable Medical Solutions with MSP430

Texas Instruments

As portability becomes a growing trend in medical products, manufacturers are seeking technologies that reduce the design complexity and time in developing the finished product. The MSP430 microcontroller MCU, explained in this module, offers a platform of ultra-low-power processors with the high integration of the complete signal chain that is required for applications such as personal blood pressure monitors, spirometers, pulse oximeters, and heart rate monitors.
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Embedded ICs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusCore ProcessorAvailable Quantity
MSP430F122IPW datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 28TSSOPMSP430F122IPWIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 28TSSOPActiveMSP4302406 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
MSP430F122IPW product page link
MSP430F412IPM datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 64LQFPMSP430F412IPMIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 64LQFPActiveMSP430320 - Immediate
6240 - Factory Stock
MSP430F412IPM product page link
MSP430F123IPW datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 8KB FLASH 28TSSOPMSP430F123IPWIC MCU 16BIT 8KB FLASH 28TSSOPActiveMSP430989 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
MSP430F123IPW product page link
MSP430F435IPZ datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 16KB FLASH 100LQFPMSP430F435IPZIC MCU 16BIT 16KB FLASH 100LQFPActiveMSP430389 - Immediate
MSP430F435IPZ product page link
MSP430F1111AIPW datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 2KB FLASH 20TSSOPMSP430F1111AIPWIC MCU 16BIT 2KB FLASH 20TSSOPActiveMSP430157 - Immediate
MSP430F1111AIPW product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
CC430F6137IRGCR datasheet linkIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 64-VFQFNCC430F6137IRGCRIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 64-VFQFNActiveTxRx + MCU5359 - Immediate
2000 - Factory Stock
CC430F6137IRGCR product page link
CC2530F128RHAT datasheet linkIC RF TXRX+MCU 802.15.4 40-VFQFNCC2530F128RHATIC RF TXRX+MCU 802.15.4 40-VFQFNActiveTxRx + MCU1393 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
CC2530F128RHAT product page link
CC430F5133IRGZ datasheet linkIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 48-VFQFNCC430F5133IRGZIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 48-VFQFNActiveTxRx + MCU115 - Immediate
CC430F5133IRGZ product page link
CC430F5135IRGZ datasheet linkIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 48-VFQFNCC430F5135IRGZIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 48-VFQFNActiveTxRx + MCU473 - Immediate
CC430F5135IRGZ product page link
CC1111F32RSPR datasheet linkIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 36-VFQFNCC1111F32RSPRIC RF TXRX+MCU ISM<1GHZ 36-VFQFNActiveTxRx + MCU10000 - Factory StockCC1111F32RSPR product page link
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Evaluation and Development Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeFrequencyAvailable Quantity
EZ430-CHRONOS-868 datasheet linkDEV WRLESS WATCH TOOL FOR CC430EZ430-CHRONOS-868DEV WRLESS WATCH TOOL FOR CC430ActiveTransceiver868MHz63 - Immediate
EZ430-CHRONOS-868 product page link
CC2530DK datasheet linkKIT DEV FOR CC2530CC2530DKKIT DEV FOR CC2530ActiveTransceiver; 802.15.4 (ZigBee®)2.4GHz0CC2530DK product page link
CC2530ZDK datasheet linkKIT DEV ZIGBEE FOR CC2530CC2530ZDKKIT DEV ZIGBEE FOR CC2530ObsoleteTransceiver; 802.15.4 (ZigBee®)2.4GHz0CC2530ZDK product page link
CC1110DK-MINI-868 datasheet linkKIT DEV MINI FOR CC1110X RF SOCCC1110DK-MINI-868KIT DEV MINI FOR CC1110X RF SOCObsoleteTransceiver868MHz ~ 915MHz0CC1110DK-MINI-868 product page link
CC2533DK-RF4CE-BA datasheet linkKIT DEV RF4CE FOR CC2533CC2533DK-RF4CE-BAKIT DEV RF4CE FOR CC2533ObsoleteTransceiver; 802.15.42.4GHz0CC2533DK-RF4CE-BA product page link
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