Battery Management

Introduction to Battery Management Part 3

Texas Instruments

This is a 5-part series that covers some of the key aspects of battery technology. The applications for rechargeable batteries have grown dramatically in the last several years.  Until the 1990s, there were only two common types of rechargeable systems – either Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium.  Since then, advances in battery technology have enabled many of the applications that are taken for granted today.  Nickel-Metal-Hydride was first developed as a higher performance alternative to NiCd in the late 1980s...
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusBattery ChemistryAvailable Quantity
BQ24202DGN datasheet linkIC LI-ION CHGR 500MA 4.2V 8-MSOPBQ24202DGNIC LI-ION CHGR 500MA 4.2V 8-MSOPActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer1172 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
BQ24202DGN product page link
UC2906N datasheet linkIC LEAD-ACID CHARGE MGMT 16-DIPUC2906NIC LEAD-ACID CHARGE MGMT 16-DIPActiveLead Acid2369 - Immediate
7950 - Factory Stock
UC2906N product page link
UC3906N datasheet linkIC BATT CHARGER LEAD-ACID 16-DIPUC3906NIC BATT CHARGER LEAD-ACID 16-DIPActiveLead Acid378 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
UC3906N product page link
BQ26231PW datasheet linkIC BATTERY COULOMB COUNTR 8TSSOPBQ26231PWIC BATTERY COULOMB COUNTR 8TSSOPActiveBattery Monitor980 - Immediate
1050 - Factory Stock
BQ26231PW product page link
BQ2057CDGKR datasheet linkIC LI-ION LDO CHRG MGMT 8VSSOPBQ2057CDGKRIC LI-ION LDO CHRG MGMT 8VSSOPActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer2086 - Immediate
BQ2057CDGKR product page link
BQ24200DGN datasheet linkIC LI-ION CHGR 500MA 4.2V 8-MSOPBQ24200DGNIC LI-ION CHGR 500MA 4.2V 8-MSOPActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer708 - Immediate
BQ24200DGN product page link
5400 - Factory Stock
BQ2000PW product page link
BQ2000TPW product page link
UC3906Q datasheet linkIC LEAD ACID BATT CHARGER 20PLCCUC3906QIC LEAD ACID BATT CHARGER 20PLCCActiveLead Acid144 - Immediate
184 - Factory Stock
UC3906Q product page link
BQ2060SS-E411 datasheet linkIC MULTI-CHEM SBS 1.1 GG 28-QSOPBQ2060SS-E411IC MULTI-CHEM SBS 1.1 GG 28-QSOPActiveBattery Monitor3415 - Immediate
BQ2060SS-E411 product page link
BQ2057CDGK datasheet linkIC LI-ION LDO CHRG MGMT 8VSSOPBQ2057CDGKIC LI-ION LDO CHRG MGMT 8VSSOPActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer174 - Immediate
BQ2057CDGK product page link
BQ2057DGK datasheet linkIC LI-ION LDO CHRG MGMT 8VSSOPBQ2057DGKIC LI-ION LDO CHRG MGMT 8VSSOPActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer131 - Immediate
BQ2057DGK product page link
BQ24201DGN datasheet linkIC LI-ION CHGR 500MA 4.1V 8-MSOPBQ24201DGNIC LI-ION CHGR 500MA 4.1V 8-MSOPActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer126 - Immediate
3920 - Factory Stock
BQ24201DGN product page link
BQ2023PW datasheet linkIC SNGL WIRE BAT MONITOR 8-TSSOPBQ2023PWIC SNGL WIRE BAT MONITOR 8-TSSOPActiveBattery Monitor6000 - Factory StockBQ2023PW product page link
BQ2063DBQ datasheet linkIC BATTERY GAS GAUGE 28-QSOPBQ2063DBQIC BATTERY GAS GAUGE 28-QSOPActiveBattery Monitor5440 - Factory StockBQ2063DBQ product page link
UCC3911DP-2 datasheet linkLITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICUCC3911DP-2LITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICObsoleteBattery Protection0UCC3911DP-2 product page link
UCC3911DP-1 datasheet linkLITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICUCC3911DP-1LITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICObsoleteBattery Protection0UCC3911DP-1 product page link
UCC3911DP-3 datasheet linkLITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICUCC3911DP-3LITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICObsoleteBattery Protection0UCC3911DP-3 product page link
UCC3911DP-4 datasheet linkLITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICUCC3911DP-4LITHIUM-ION BATT PROTECT 16-SOICObsoleteBattery Protection0UCC3911DP-4 product page link
UC3909DW datasheet linkIC LEAD-ACID CHARGE MGMT 20-SOICUC3909DWIC LEAD-ACID CHARGE MGMT 20-SOICObsoleteLead Acid0UC3909DW product page link
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