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Analog Switch Solutions

Texas Instruments

This tutorial will provide a better understanding of Analog Switch Solutions from Texas Instruments.  We will review the various switch types, the TI analog switch naming, typical functions, and common applications. The future of lower resistance switches for space contrained applications will also be discussed. 
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSwitch CircuitMultiplexer/Demultiplexer CircuitAvailable Quantity
TS5A1066DBVR datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPST SOT23-5TS5A1066DBVRIC SWITCH SPST SOT23-5SPST - NO1:122186 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
TS5A1066DBVR product page link
10000 - Factory Stock
TS5A23157DGSR product page link
TS5A3159DCKR datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPDT SC70-6TS5A3159DCKRIC SWITCH SPDT SC70-6SPDT2:121917 - Immediate
TS5A3159DCKR product page link
TS5A3159DBVR datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPDT SOT23-6TS5A3159DBVRIC SWITCH SPDT SOT23-6SPDT2:115830 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
TS5A3159DBVR product page link
TS5A3357DCUR datasheet linkIC SWITCH SP3T US8TS5A3357DCURIC SWITCH SP3T US8SP3T3:116716 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
TS5A3357DCUR product page link
TS5A1066DCKR datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPST SC70-5TS5A1066DCKRIC SWITCH SPST SC70-5SPST - NO1:114806 - Immediate
TS5A1066DCKR product page link
TS5A3157DBVR datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPDT SOT23-6TS5A3157DBVRIC SWITCH SPDT SOT23-6SPDT2:112562 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
TS5A3157DBVR product page link
TS3A5017DR datasheet linkIC SWITCH DUAL SP4T 16SOICTS3A5017DRIC SWITCH DUAL SP4T 16SOICSP4T4:12598 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
TS3A5017DR product page link
TS3A5017PWR datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD SP4T 16TSSOPTS3A5017PWRIC SWITCH QUAD SP4T 16TSSOPSP4T4:17461 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
TS3A5017PWR product page link
TS3A5017DGVR datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD SP4T 16TVSOPTS3A5017DGVRIC SWITCH QUAD SP4T 16TVSOPSP4T4:15750 - Immediate
TS3A5017DGVR product page link
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PTM Published on: 2007-06-13