WaveSurfer Oscilloscopes Overview

Teledyne LeCroy

This presentation will provide a brief review of digital oscilloscope basics and an overview of the key features of the WaveSurfer MXs-B series of oscilloscopes and MSOs. Mixed signal capabilities will be discussed and the unique functions of the series will be highlighted.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeBandwidthChannelsAvailable Quantity
WAVESURFER 104MXS-B datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 1GHZ 5GS/S 4CHWAVESURFER 104MXS-BDGTL O-SCOPE 1GHZ 5GS/S 4CHBench, Digital1GHz41 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 104MXS-B product page link
WAVESURFER 42MXS-B datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 400MHZ 5GS/S 2CHWAVESURFER 42MXS-BDGTL O-SCOPE 400MHZ 5GS/S 2CHBench, Digital400MHz20WAVESURFER 42MXS-B product page link
WAVESURFER 24MXS-B datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 200MHZ 2.5GS/S 4CHWAVESURFER 24MXS-BDGTL O-SCOPE 200MHZ 2.5GS/S 4CHBench, Digital200MHz40WAVESURFER 24MXS-B product page link
WAVESURFER 62MXS-B datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 600MHZ 5GS/S 2CHWAVESURFER 62MXS-BDGTL O-SCOPE 600MHZ 5GS/S 2CHBench, Digital600MHz20WAVESURFER 62MXS-B product page link
WAVESURFER 44MXS-B datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 400MHZ 5GS/S 4CHWAVESURFER 44MXS-BDGTL O-SCOPE 400MHZ 5GS/S 4CHBench, Digital400MHz40WAVESURFER 44MXS-B product page link
WAVESURFER 64MXS-B datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 600MHZ 5GS/S 4CHWAVESURFER 64MXS-BDGTL O-SCOPE 600MHZ 5GS/S 4CHBench, Digital600MHz40WAVESURFER 64MXS-B product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-11