Toubleshooting with OSCOPES

Embedded Systems Troubleshooting with Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy

This is the third tutorial in the three part series providing an overview of oscilloscope fundamentals. This presentation will focus on troubleshooting embedded controllers. There will be discussions of analog and digital bandwidth, sampling technologies, acquisition memory, and what the waveform display looks like. Measurements and cursors, mathematics, and triggering techniques will be reviewed. Finally, it will discuss low speed serial data debugging, automated signal monitoring, and using the scope for documentation with LabNotebook.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeBandwidthAvailable Quantity
WAVEACE 1012 datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 100MHZ 2CH 500MS/SWAVEACE 1012DGTL O-SCOPE 100MHZ 2CH 500MS/SBench, Digital100MHz11 - Immediate
WAVEACE 1012 product page link
WAVESURFER 3024 datasheet link200MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3024200MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTBench, Digital200MHz16 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3024 product page link
WAVESURFER 3054 datasheet link500MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3054500MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTBench, Digital500MHz2 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3054 product page link
WAVEACE 1001 datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 40MHZ 2CH 500MS/SWAVEACE 1001DGTL O-SCOPE 40MHZ 2CH 500MS/SBench, Digital40MHz3 - Immediate
WAVEACE 1001 product page link
WAVEACE 2024 datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 200MHZ 4CH 1GS/SWAVEACE 2024DGTL O-SCOPE 200MHZ 4CH 1GS/SBench, Digital200MHz3 - Immediate
WAVEACE 2024 product page link
WAVEACE 2022 datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 200MHZ 2CH 1GS/SWAVEACE 2022DGTL O-SCOPE 200MHZ 2CH 1GS/SBench, Digital200MHz1 - Immediate
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WAVESURFER 3022 datasheet link200MHZ 2CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3022200MHZ 2CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTBench, Digital200MHz1 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3022 product page link
WAVESURFER 3034 datasheet link350MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3034350MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTBench, Digital350MHz1 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3034 product page link
WAVEACE 2014 datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 100MHZ 4CH 1GS/SWAVEACE 2014DGTL O-SCOPE 100MHZ 4CH 1GS/SBench, Digital100MHz0WAVEACE 2014 product page link
WAVEACE 2034 datasheet linkDGTL O-SCOPE 300MHZ 4CH 1GS/SWAVEACE 2034DGTL O-SCOPE 300MHZ 4CH 1GS/SBench, Digital300MHz0WAVEACE 2034 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-20