Solar Energy & SOLARLOK

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

This tutorial will introduce the SOLARLOK Interconnection System. It will also review the types of solar panel technology, SOLARLOK Interconnection system product applications, and the SOLARLOK system in detail.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SOL-SD-104076-4-0.5LABEL 2-PART SOLAR DISCONNECT184 - Immediate
6-1394462-3CONN FEMALE PLUS COUPLER 10AWG2228 - Immediate
4-1394462-9CONN FEMALE MINUS COUPLER 12AWG1949 - Immediate
4-1394462-8CONN FEMALE PLUS COUPLER 12AWG135 - Immediate
1954381-1SOLAR GROUNDING CLIP 10-12AWG14381 - Immediate
6-1394462-4CONN FEMALE MINUS COUPLER 10AWG1636 - Immediate
7-1394461-1CONN MALE MINUS COUPLER 12AWG923 - Immediate
7-1394461-2CONN MALE COUPLER UNKEYED 12AWG712 - Immediate
7-1394461-3CONN MALE PLUS COUPLER 10AWG501 - Immediate
2106207-1SOLARLOK SAFETY COLLAR1713 - Immediate
7-1394461-4CONN MALE MINUS COUPLER 10AWG4024 - Immediate
1394738-3CONN RECEPT 12AWG PLUS KEYED1014 - Immediate
1394738-4CONN RECEPT 12AWG MINUS KEYED425 - Immediate
1740277-2CONN T-BRANCH F-M MINUS KEYED213 - Immediate
1986166-2SOLAR CABLE 14AWG 600V BLACK 1'7214 - Immediate
1534611-2CONN T-BRANCH M-M MINUS KEYED249 - Immediate
1740277-1CONN T-BRANCH F-M PLUS KEYED184 - Immediate
1-1579004-2TOOL CRIMP 10-12AWG SOLARLOK12 - Immediate
SOL-DCD-104100-4-0.5LABEL 2-PART DC DISCONNECT-WARN845 - Immediate
7-1394461-0CONN MALE PLUS COUPLER 12AWG40 - Immediate
2058729-1SOLAR GROUNDING ASSEMBLY 6-12AWG30 - Immediate
1740699-1MODULE BOX ASSY SOLARLOK91 - Immediate
1102855-3TOOL EXTRACTION SOLARLOK21 - Immediate
1986164-2SOLAR CABLE 10AWG 600V BLK 500'8 - Immediate
1534611-1CONN T-BRANCH M-M PLUS KEYED15 - Immediate
1986166-2SOLAR CABLE 14AWG 600V BLK 500'0
1986165-2SOLAR CABLE 12AWG 600V BLK 500'0
1986164-2SOLAR CABLE 10AWG 600V BLK 100'0
1986165-2SOLAR CABLE 12AWG 600V BLK 100'0
1986166-2SOLAR CABLE 14AWG 600V BLK 100'0
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-03