PT Series

PT Series Relays

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays

This tutorial provides an overview of the PT Series of miniature relays, some potential applications for these devices, and their features and benefits.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
PT570024RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 24V133 - Immediate
PT570524RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 24V183 - Immediate
4-1415043-1SOCKET 4POLE SLD TERM PT401 - Immediate
6-1415034-1SOCKET FOR PT2 MINI RELAYS284 - Immediate
9-1415071-1SOCKET W/SCREW FOR DINRAIL185 - Immediate
PT370024RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 24V27 - Immediate
4-1415033-1SOCKET FOR PT5 MINI RELAYS60 - Immediate
3-1415043-1SOCKET 4POLE PCB PT83 - Immediate
PT570012RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 12V26 - Immediate
PT270024RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 12A 24V33 - Immediate
PT270524RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 12A 24V78 - Immediate
PT270012RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 12A 12V37 - Immediate
8-1419111-1RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 48V56 - Immediate
PT370615RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 115V7 - Immediate
PT270615RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 12A 115V19 - Immediate
PT570615RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 115V12 - Immediate
PT570730RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 230V19 - Immediate
PT270730RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 12A 230V10 - Immediate
5-1415037-1RETAINING CLIP FOR 29MM PT780
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-16