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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

This presentation will review the related frequency bands, industries served to help users in deciding which product might be most relevant for the application and the mounting options available. TE Connectivity’s antenna product has flexible mounting options that serve a variety of wireless applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1513472-5 datasheet linkDUAL BAND ANT 802.11A/B/G/N1513472-5DUAL BAND ANT 802.11A/B/G/N1836 - Immediate
1513472-5 product page link
1551372-1 datasheet linkCONN COAX SWITCH 1.35MM PLUG SMD1551372-1CONN COAX SWITCH 1.35MM PLUG SMD12131 - Immediate
1551372-1 product page link
1513504-1 datasheet linkANTENNA BLUETOOTH 802.11B/G SMD1513504-1ANTENNA BLUETOOTH 802.11B/G SMD5726 - Immediate
1513504-1 product page link
1513273-1 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB QUAD BAND1513273-1ANTENNA PCB QUAD BAND2764 - Immediate
1513273-1 product page link
2118060-1 datasheet linkDUAL BAND PCB ANT 350MM CABLE2118060-1DUAL BAND PCB ANT 350MM CABLE2937 - Immediate
2118060-1 product page link
2118016-1 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB DUAL BAND2118016-1ANTENNA PCB DUAL BAND6361 - Immediate
2118016-1 product page link
1513434-1 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB DUAL BAND EU1513434-1ANTENNA PCB DUAL BAND EU296 - Immediate
1513434-1 product page link
1513349-1 datasheet link100902LF PACKAGED ANTENNA1513349-1100902LF PACKAGED ANTENNA8075 - Immediate
1513349-1 product page link
1513430-1 datasheet link2.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT1513430-12.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT5820 - Immediate
1513430-1 product page link
2118059-1 datasheet link2.3-3.8GHZ PCB ANT 350MM CABLE2118059-12.3-3.8GHZ PCB ANT 350MM CABLE340 - Immediate
2118059-1 product page link
1513349-2 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB 2.4GHZ 802.11B/G1513349-2ANTENNA PCB 2.4GHZ 802.11B/G130 - Immediate
1513349-2 product page link
1513353-1 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB 2.4GHZ 802.11B/G1513353-1ANTENNA PCB 2.4GHZ 802.11B/G41 - Immediate
1513353-1 product page link
1513634-1 datasheet link400411LF MOLDED STAMPED ANTENNA1513634-1400411LF MOLDED STAMPED ANTENNA667 - Immediate
1513634-1 product page link
1513430-2 datasheet link2.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT1513430-22.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT217 - Immediate
1513430-2 product page link
1513431-2 datasheet link2.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT1513431-22.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT228 - Immediate
1513431-2 product page link
1513156-2 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB 902MHZ-928MHZ1513156-2ANTENNA PCB 902MHZ-928MHZ193 - Immediate
1513156-2 product page link
1513169-1 datasheet link800 MHZ CELLULAR ANTENNA (RS-11513169-1800 MHZ CELLULAR ANTENNA (RS-183 - Immediate
1513169-1 product page link
1513247-1 datasheet linkANTENNAS EMBEDDED LINEAR TAB MNT1513247-1ANTENNAS EMBEDDED LINEAR TAB MNT01513247-1 product page link
1513164-1 datasheet linkANTENNA 802.11A/B DUAL BAND SMD1513164-1ANTENNA 802.11A/B DUAL BAND SMD01513164-1 product page link
1513797-2 datasheet link2.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT1513797-22.4GHZ ANTENNA PCB SMT1 - Immediate
1513797-2 product page link
1513168-1 datasheet link900 MHZ CTO ANTENNA (RS-1005001513168-1900 MHZ CTO ANTENNA (RS-10050001513168-1 product page link
1513259-1 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB QUAD BAND1513259-1ANTENNA PCB QUAD BAND3 - Immediate
1513259-1 product page link
1513317-1 datasheet linkANTENNA PCB PENTA BAND1513317-1ANTENNA PCB PENTA BAND2 - Immediate
1513317-1 product page link
1513381-1 datasheet linkWLAN ANTENNA 3.1GHZ-6GHZ1513381-1WLAN ANTENNA 3.1GHZ-6GHZ6 - Immediate
1513381-1 product page link
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