Heat Shrink: Micro Molded Overview

TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine

This tutorial will discuss TE Connectivity's, formerly Tyco Electronics, Heat-Shrinkable product line which has been in and around the Aerospace and Defense industry for over 40 years and is recognized worldwide. The performance of TE Connectivity's heat-shrinkable products is backed by a history of proven performance, reliability, innovation and superior quality. All of the heat-shrink products are offered in an expanded form.  Once the part is on, the application heat is applied to shrink the part onto the application. The pre-determined size and shape provides a tough, protective covering for the components over which they are installed.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
BOOT MOLDED RT ANG WITH LIP224W201-25-0BOOT MOLDED RT ANG WITH LIPBootCircular Connectors48 - Immediate
BOOT MOLDED 90DEG ANG WITH LIP224W221-25-0BOOT MOLDED 90DEG ANG WITH LIPBootCircular Connectors26 - Immediate
BOOT STRAIGHT202A111-25-G07-0BOOT STRAIGHTBootCircular Connectors33 - Immediate
BOOT MOLDED 90DEG ANG WITH LIP223W601-25-0BOOT MOLDED 90DEG ANG WITH LIPBootCircular Connectors30 - Immediate
BOOT MOLDED203W301-25-G02-0BOOT MOLDEDBootCircular Connectors30 - Immediate
BOOT STRAIGHT202A111-12-G07-0BOOT STRAIGHTBootCircular Connectors53 - Immediate
BOOT MOLDED204W201-25-0BOOT MOLDEDBootCircular Connectors25 - Immediate
BOOT STRAIGHT204W221-25-0BOOT STRAIGHTBootCircular Connectors17 - Immediate
BOOT MOLDED203W301-25-0BOOT MOLDEDBootCircular Connectors6 - Immediate
BOOT MOLDED WITH LIP202K111-25-01-0BOOT MOLDED WITH LIPBootCircular Connectors11 - Immediate
BOOT MOLDED203W301-12-G02-0BOOT MOLDEDBootCircular Connectors0
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-12