BCF Series

BCF Series Power Line Filters

TE Connectivity Corcom Filters

This module identifies the key features of this product series, target markets and applications for this product, and identifies additional support tools available for the BCF series.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFilter TypeConfigurationAvailable Quantity
1609989-3 datasheet linkPOWER LINE 30A 3-PHASE FLANGE1609989-3POWER LINE 30A 3-PHASE FLANGEThree Phase (Delta)Two Stage15 - Immediate
1609989-3 product page link
1609989-5 datasheet linkPOWER LINE 55A 3-PHASE FLANGE1609989-5POWER LINE 55A 3-PHASE FLANGEThree Phase (Delta)Two Stage8 - Immediate
1609989-5 product page link
1609989-6 datasheet linkPOWER LINE 75A 3-PHASE FLANGE1609989-6POWER LINE 75A 3-PHASE FLANGEThree Phase (Delta)Two Stage3 - Immediate
1609989-6 product page link
7BCF10 datasheet linkPOWER LINE 7A 3-PHASE FLANGE7BCF10POWER LINE 7A 3-PHASE FLANGEThree Phase (Delta)Two Stage13 - Immediate
7BCF10 product page link
16BCF10 datasheet linkPOWER LINE 16A 3-PHASE FLANGE16BCF10POWER LINE 16A 3-PHASE FLANGEThree Phase (Delta)Two Stage15 - Immediate
16BCF10 product page link
1609989-4 datasheet linkPOWER LINE 42A 3-PHASE FLANGE1609989-4POWER LINE 42A 3-PHASE FLANGEThree Phase (Delta)Two Stage01609989-4 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-07