Universal Power Module

Universal Power Modules

TE Connectivity/AMP

The UPMs are a family of board to board backplane power interconnects designed to complement the Hard Metric board-to-board backplane interconnects. This presentation will provide an overview of the features and typical applications of the UPM interconnects and will review the available configurations. Proper application of the interconnects will be discussed in detail and available accessories will be shown.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
5223957-3CONN GUIDE MODULE RT ANG M3X0.52039 - Immediate
5223986-2CONN KEYED GUIDE MODULE R/A 4-403951 - Immediate
120953-1CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 4POS747 - Immediate
120943-2CONN RCPT 4POS R/A GRAY2310 - Immediate
120954-1CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD VERT 4POS1210 - Immediate
5223995-3CONN RCPT 6POS VERT NAT GOLD1492 - Immediate
5223963-1CONN HEADER 3POS RT ANG 2MM377 - Immediate
223969-7CONN GUIDE PIN M4 X 7-6G306 - Immediate
5223957-1CONN MODULE FEMALE GUIDE 2MM4282 - Immediate
5-5223955-2CONN RCPT 3POS VERT GOLD626 - Immediate
5223979-1CONN GUIDE MODULE RT ANG1515 - Immediate
223961-1UNV,PWR,MDL.HDR,R-PEGS263 - Immediate
120953-3CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 6POS103 - Immediate
120953-4CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 7POS1593 - Immediate
5223995-1CONN RCPT 4POS VERT NAT GOLD152 - Immediate
5646954-1CONN PLUG 4POS UNIV PWR MODULE3844 - Immediate
5223995-2CONN RCPT 5POS UNIV PWR MODULE1376 - Immediate
120953-5CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 8POS714 - Immediate
5-5223961-1CONN PLUG 3POS BLADE RT ANG GOLD690 - Immediate
120953-2CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 5POS1014 - Immediate
5646956-2CONN PLUG 6POS UNIV PWR MODULE669 - Immediate
5223985-1CONN KEYED GUIDE PIN 6MM 6-324840 - Immediate
5223986-5CONN KEYED GUIDE MODULE R/A 4-401284 - Immediate
5223986-1GUIDE MODULE KEYED RT ANG 4-40671 - Immediate
5120913-3CONN GUIDE MODULE KEYED 3POS958 - Immediate
5223961-1CONN PLUG 3POS R/A UNIVER Z-PACK224 - Immediate
5223968-1CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD 3POS R/A855 - Immediate
5223977-1CONN HEADER 3POS UNIV PWR MOD1920 - Immediate
5223981-1CONN HEADR 3POS R/A UNIV PWR MOD763 - Immediate
5223986-3CONN KEYED GUIDE MODULE R/A 4-402617 - Immediate
5223986-8CONN KEYED GUIDE MODULE R/A 4-40976 - Immediate
5120913-1CONN GUIDE MODULE KEYED 1POS961 - Immediate
5120913-5CONN GUIDE MODULE KEYED 5POS537 - Immediate
5120913-2CONN 2POS KEYED GUIDE MODULE493 - Immediate
5646954-5CONN PLUG 4POS UNIV PWR MODULE1063 - Immediate
120943-3CONN RCPT 5POS R/A GRAY1145 - Immediate
223955-2CONN RECEPT VERT 3 POS 2MM4246 - Immediate
223995-1CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 4POS1309 - Immediate
5646954-3CONN PLUG 4POS UNIV PWR MODULE489 - Immediate
223961-8CONN HEADER 3POS R/A GOLD RED638 - Immediate
5646957-1CONN PLUG 7POS UNIV PWR MODULE350 - Immediate
120954-5CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD R/A 4POS614 - Immediate
120955-1CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD R/A 5POS748 - Immediate
5646954-2CONN PLUG 4POS UNIV PWR MODULE1623 - Immediate
5223962-1CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 3POS601 - Immediate
120943-6CONN RCPT 8POS R/A GRAY549 - Immediate
5223964-1CONN HEADER 3POS RT ANG 50GOLD442 - Immediate
120958-1CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD R/A 8POS605 - Immediate
120957-2CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD R/A 7POS813 - Immediate
120958-2CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD R/A 8POS1474 - Immediate
5646961-1CONN PLUG 11POS UNIV PWR MODULE240 - Immediate
120646-1CONN GUIDE PIN UNIVERSAL PWR MOD1269 - Immediate
120953-7CONN RCPT 10POS UNIVER PWR MOD552 - Immediate
5223955-2CONN RCPT 3POS STR UNIVER Z-PACK546 - Immediate
5120913-6CONN GUIDE MODULE KEYED 6POS1000 - Immediate
5120913-7CONN 7POS KEYED GUIDE MODULE1000 - Immediate
5120913-4CONN 4POS KEYED GUIDE MODULE997 - Immediate
5120913-8CONN GUIDE MODULE KEYED 8POS1000 - Immediate
5-223961-1CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD R/A 3POS438 - Immediate
5646959-1CONN PLUG 9POS UNIV PWR MODULE380 - Immediate
1-1903978-1CONN RCPT 4POS SLIM UNIV PWR MOD763 - Immediate
5646960-1CONN PLUG 10POS UNIV PWR MODULE320 - Immediate
223962-1CONN HEADER 3POS BLADE R/A GOLD416 - Immediate
120957-1CONN PLUG UNIV PWR MOD R/A 7POS68 - Immediate
5223995-4CONN RCPT 7POS UNIV PWR MODULE51 - Immediate
5646958-1CONN PLUG 8POS UNIV PWR MODULE32 - Immediate
223995-2CONN RCPT UNIV PWR MODULE 5POS28 - Immediate
5223985-5CONN KEYED GUIDE PIN 2.20MM 6-320
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PTM Published on: 2012-04-05