LightCrimp PLUS LC - 900um Termination - Installation Guide

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

This tutorial presents an illustrated, step-by-step, installation guide for use in terminating the LightCrimp PLUS LC connectors.
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6754482-1 datasheet linkCONN FIBER LC PLUG SMPLX 125UM6754482-1CONN FIBER LC PLUG SMPLX 125UM54 - Immediate
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492109-2 datasheet linkSTRIPPER,MICRO-STRIP W/.008BLA492109-2STRIPPER,MICRO-STRIP W/.008BLA3 - Immediate
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1871696-1 datasheet linkTOOL PRECISION FIBER CLEAVER1871696-1TOOL PRECISION FIBER CLEAVER9 - Immediate
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1754138-1 datasheet linkCABLE/BUFFER HOLDER ASSY LC1754138-1CABLE/BUFFER HOLDER ASSY LC4 - Immediate
1754138-1 product page link
6754483-1 datasheet linkCONN FIBER LC PLUG SMPLX 125UM6754483-1CONN FIBER LC PLUG SMPLX 125UM06754483-1 product page link
2064431-1 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER SIDE ENTRY2064431-1TOOL HAND CRIMPER SIDE ENTRY02064431-1 product page link
6754483-4 datasheet linkCONN FIBER LC PLUG SMPLX 125UM6754483-4CONN FIBER LC PLUG SMPLX 125UM06754483-4 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-16