AMPMODU System 50 connectors

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

This presentation will describe the AMPMODU System 50 connector family. It will then list and explain the typical applications where AMPMODU System 50 connectors are used.  Finally, it will cover the different connectors that make up the AMPMODU System 50 product portfolio and identify the target industries for the product as well as important questions to ask during design-in.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
5-104074-8CONN HEADER 6POS .050" R/A 30AU18432 - Immediate
6-104074-1CONN HEADER 12POS .050" R/A 30AU2587 - Immediate
5-104069-1CONN HEADER 20POS .050" R/A GOLD565 - Immediate
5-104071-4CONN HEADER VERT .050 20POS 30AU865 - Immediate
5-147377-2CONN HEADER 20POS DUAL SMD GOLD1250 - Immediate
5-147377-2CONN HEADER 20POS DUAL SMD GOLD1559 - Immediate
5-104550-2CONN RECEPT 20POS .050 DUAL SMD780 - Immediate
5-104549-3CONN HEADER VERT .050 24POS AU972 - Immediate
5-104068-3CONN HEADER VERT .050 30POS 30AU752 - Immediate
5-104549-5CONN HEADER 30POS .050" STR GOLD798 - Immediate
1-111196-8CONN RECEPT 20POS .050X.100" IDC6725 - Immediate
5-104078-5CONN RECEPT 50POS .050" STR GOLD717 - Immediate
5-104068-4CONN HEADER VERT .050 40POS 30AU1389 - Immediate
5-104068-5CONN HEADER VERT .050 50POS 30AU732 - Immediate
5-104549-7CONN HEADER 50POS .050" STR GOLD1317 - Immediate
2-111196-0CONN RECEPT 40POS .050X.100" IDC1025 - Immediate
1-111196-9CONN RECEPT 30POS .050X.100" IDC361 - Immediate
2-111196-2CONN RECEPT 60POS .050X.100" IDC400 - Immediate
5-104069-2CONN HEADER 50POS .050" R/A GOLD202 - Immediate
2-111196-4CONN RECEPT 100PS .050X.100" IDC810 - Immediate
6-104068-8CONN HEADER VERT .050 68POS 30AU134 - Immediate
5-104078-8CONN RECEPT 100POS.050 VERT DUAL450 - Immediate
5-104071-7CONN HEADER VERT .050 4POS 30AU3267 - Immediate
2-487937-4CONN FFC RCPT HSG 24POS 1.27MM3463 - Immediate
5-104074-7CONN HEADER 4POS .050" R/A 30AU1161 - Immediate
487544-5CONN FFC RCPT HSG 8POS 1.27MM16987 - Immediate
5-104074-1CONN HEADER 10POS .050" R/A 30AU14469 - Immediate
5-104068-1CONN HEADER VERT .050 20POS 30AU302 - Immediate
6-104068-1CONN HEADER VERT .050 24POS 30AU244 - Immediate
5-104549-2CONN HEADER 20POS .050" STR GOLD6471 - Immediate
2-111196-5CONN RECEPT 10POS .050X.100" IDC6574 - Immediate
5-104069-5CONN HEADER 30POS .050" R/A GOLD2325 - Immediate
5-104549-6CONN HEADER 40POS .050" STR GOLD880 - Immediate
5-104078-2CONN RECEPT 40POS .050" STR GOLD1215 - Immediate
5-104074-4CONN HEADER 20POS .050" R/A 30AU471 - Immediate
5-104550-5CONN RECEPT 40POS .050" GOLD SMD308 - Immediate
2-111196-8CONN RECEPT 24POS .050X.100" IDC2895 - Immediate
6-104068-6CONN HEADER VERT .050 80POS 30AU807 - Immediate
2-111196-1CONN RECEPT 50POS .050X.100" IDC1171 - Immediate
5-104068-6CONN HEADER VERT .050 60POS 30AU1879 - Immediate
5-104549-8CONN HEADER VERT .050 60POS AU771 - Immediate
3-111196-3CONN RECEPT 80POS .050X.100" IDC320 - Immediate
5-104069-7CONN HEADER 60POS .050" R/A GOLD317 - Immediate
6-104549-0CONN HEADER 100PS .050" STR GOLD736 - Immediate
6-104069-7CONN HEADER 100POS .050"R/A GOLD0
487544-7CONN FFC RCPT HSG 10POS 1.27MM2541 - Immediate
5-104074-3CONN HEADER 15POS .050" R/A 30AU14162 - Immediate
6-104069-2CONN HEADER 24POS .050" R/A GOLD755 - Immediate
5-104666-1CONN HEADER 20POS DUAL T/H GOLD1225 - Immediate
5-104071-5CONN HEADER VERT .050 25POS 30AU738 - Immediate
5-104550-4CONN RECEPT 30POS .050 DUAL SMD723 - Immediate
5-104550-6CONN RECEPT 50POS .050" GOLD SMD150 - Immediate
5-104069-6CONN HEADER 40POS .050" R/A GOLD627 - Immediate
5-104078-7CONN RECEPT 80POS VERT DUAL 30AU479 - Immediate
6-104068-7CONN HEADER VRT .050 100POS 30AU289 - Immediate
1-111196-1CONN RECEPT 50POS .050X.100 IDC444 - Immediate
5-104550-9CONN RECEPT 100POS .050 DUAL SMD756 - Immediate
5-104069-3CONN HEADER 80POS .050" R/A GOLD270 - Immediate
487544-3CONN FFC RCPT HSG 6POS 1.27MM1707 - Immediate
2-487544-2CONN FFC RCPT HSG 25POS 1.27MM196 - Immediate
5-104549-1CONN HEADER VERT .050 10POS AU2141 - Immediate
5-104071-1CONN HEADER 10POS .050 VERT GOLD1107 - Immediate
2-487937-0CONN FFC RCPT HSG 20POS 1.27MM2655 - Immediate
5-487937-0CONN FFC RCPT HSG 50POS 1.27MM5146 - Immediate
3-487937-4CONN FFC RCPT HSG 34POS 1.27MM305 - Immediate
104069-1CONN 20POS BRD/BRD SHRD HEAD RT295 - Immediate
5-147377-3CONN HEADER 30POS DUAL SMD GOLD935 - Immediate
104068-4CONN HEADER VERT .050 40POS AU537 - Immediate
5-147377-4CONN HEADER 40POS DUAL SMD GOLD479 - Immediate
111196-5CONN RECEPT 24POS .050X.100 IDC750 - Immediate
5-147377-5CONN HEADER 50POS DUAL SMD GOLD886 - Immediate
104069-6CONN HEADER RTANG .050 40POS AU321 - Immediate
104068-6CONN HEADER VERT .050 60POS AU564 - Immediate
5-104074-2CONN HEADER 5POS .050 R/A GOLD890 - Immediate
6-104071-1CONN HEADER VERT .050 12POS 30AU749 - Immediate
6-104074-0CONN HEADER 8POS .050" R/A 30AU974 - Immediate
5-104071-8CONN HEADER VERT .050 6POS 30AU739 - Immediate
5-104069-4CONN HEADER 10POS .050" R/A GOLD852 - Immediate
6-104068-0CONN HEADER VERT .050 16POS 30AU49 - Immediate
1-487544-7CONN FFC RCPT HSG 20POS 1.27MM830 - Immediate
111196-7CONN RECEPT 30POS .050X.100 IDC99 - Immediate
5-104078-1CONN RECEPT 20POS .050" STR GOLD0
5-104078-4CONN RECEPT 30POS .050 VERT DUAL0
487937-1CONN FFC RCPT HSG 100POS 1.27MM0
2-111196-9CONN RECEPT 26POS .050X.100" IDC1 - Immediate
1-111196-5CONN RECEPT 80POS .050X.100 IDC0
5-104078-6CONN RECEPT 60POS .050 VERT DUAL3 - Immediate
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