AMPMODU MTE Interconnect

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

The overview of the AMPMODU MTE Interconnect product will begin with a detailed description of this system. It will then list and explain the typical applications where AMPMODU MTE products are used.  Finally, it will illustrate where to access the product web page for more detailed information about these specific products.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
5-104506-6CONN PIN 28-32AWG GOLD CRIMP25000 - Immediate
5-104506-6CONN PIN 28-32AWG GOLD CRIMP41112 - Immediate
104257-1CONN RECPT 2POS .1" POL UNLOAD9243 - Immediate
104257-2CONN RECPT 3POS .1" POL UNLOAD1463 - Immediate
5-104505-5CONN PIN 22-26AWG 15GOLD CRIMP2091 - Immediate
104257-3CONN RECPT 4POS .1" POL UNLOAD21474 - Immediate
5-104505-7CONN PIN 22-26AWG 30GOLD CRIMP41401 - Immediate
103653-1CONN PLUG 2POS .1" POL UNLOAD11947 - Immediate
5-103957-3CONN RECPT 4POS .100 POLAR 15AU3700 - Immediate
5-104505-3CONN PIN 22-26AWG TIN CRIMP17007 - Immediate
103688-1CONN RECEPTACLE 2POS .1" UNLOAD1708 - Immediate
104257-4CONN RECPT 5POS .1" POL UNLOAD6910 - Immediate
104257-5CONN RECPT 6POS .1" POL UNLOAD2149 - Immediate
103653-2CONN PLUG 3POS .1" POL UNLOAD7881 - Immediate
103653-4CONN PLUG 5POS .1" POL UNLOAD4810 - Immediate
5-103957-1CONN RECPT 2POS .100 POLAR 15AU3250 - Immediate
104257-6CONN RECPT 7POS .1" POL UNLOAD2539 - Immediate
103957-3CONN RECPT 4POS .100 POLAR 15AU6869 - Immediate
5-104505-2CONN PIN 22-26AWG TIN CRIMP0
5-104505-2CONN PIN 22-26AWG TIN CRIMP11823 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-09-24