TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

This tutorial discusses the features and benefits of the AMPLIMITE standard HD-20 and HD-22 series D-sub connectors as well as the 0.050 series D-sub connectors from Tyco Electronics.  Also, discussed are the specifications and applications of these commonly used connectors.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusConnector StyleAvailable Quantity
5-747904-5 datasheet linkCONN DSUB PLUG 9POS STR SLDR CUP5-747904-5CONN DSUB PLUG 9POS STR SLDR CUPTrayActiveD-Sub3692 - Immediate
5-747904-5 product page link
4-1393483-8 datasheet linkCONN DSUB PLUG 15POS STR SLD CUP4-1393483-8CONN DSUB PLUG 15POS STR SLD CUPTrayActiveD-Sub1156 - Immediate
4-1393483-8 product page link
3-1393483-8 datasheet linkCONN DSUB RCPT 9POS STR SLDR CUP3-1393483-8CONN DSUB RCPT 9POS STR SLDR CUPTrayActiveD-Sub796 - Immediate
3-1393483-8 product page link
1-1634219-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS VERT SLDR1-1634219-2CONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS VERT SLDRTrayActiveD-Sub4221 - Immediate
1-1634219-2 product page link
3-1634218-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS VERT SOLDER3-1634218-2CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS VERT SOLDERTrayActiveD-Sub1522 - Immediate
3-1634218-2 product page link
3-1634221-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 37POS VERT SLDR3-1634221-2CONN D-SUB PLUG 37POS VERT SLDRTrayActiveD-Sub469 - Immediate
3-1634221-2 product page link
1-1634222-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS VERT SOLDER1-1634222-2CONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS VERT SOLDERTrayActiveD-Sub01-1634222-2 product page link
3-1634224-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS VERT SLDR3-1634224-2CONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS VERT SLDRTrayActiveD-Sub03-1634224-2 product page link
206971-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 50POS R/A SOLDER206971-2CONN D-SUB PLUG 50POS R/A SOLDERTubeObsoleteD-Sub0206971-2 product page link
3-1634219-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS VERT SLDR3-1634219-2CONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS VERT SLDRTrayObsoleteD-Sub03-1634219-2 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2010-11-26