The PolyZen™ Solution

TE Connectivity Raychem Circuit Protection

This tutorial will introduce the PolyZen Device, a Polymer Enhanced Zener Diode.  We will discuss how the unique PolyZen device works, show the types of protection it can provide for your circuit, and the advantages of using the PolyZen solution in your next DC input power application.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
ZEN164V130A24LSPOLYZEN 16.4V PPTC/ZENER SMD3863 - Immediate
ZEN056V230A16LSPOLYZEN 5.6V PPTC/ZENER SMD4974 - Immediate
ZEN056V130A24LSPOLYZEN 5.6V PPTC/ZENER SMD4677 - Immediate
ZEN056V075A48LSPOLYZEN 5.6V PPTC/ZENER SMD9533 - Immediate
ZEN098V130A24LSPOLYZEN 9.8V PPTC/ZENER SMD14639 - Immediate
ZEN065V230A16LSPOLYZEN 6.5V PPTC/ZENER SMD3617 - Immediate
ZEN132V130A24LSPOLYZEN 13.2V PPTC/ZENER SMD5127 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-16