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TDK Corporation

This presentation is an introduction to TDK RF components and their applications. There will be a review of low pass, high pass and band pass filters, diplexers, couplers and baluns with basic operation principles for each included. Component uses will be shown for the most common RF applications, such as WLAN, Bluetooth, WiMAX, and UWB. The advantages of TDK RF components will also be discussed.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DEA162500LT-1217A1 datasheet linkFILTER LOWPASS 2.4GHZ W-LAN 0603DEA162500LT-1217A1FILTER LOWPASS 2.4GHZ W-LAN 060327116 - Immediate
DEA162500LT-1217A1 product page link
DEA165850LT-1197B2 datasheet linkFILTER LOWPASS 5GHZ W-LAN 0805DEA165850LT-1197B2FILTER LOWPASS 5GHZ W-LAN 08059674 - Immediate
DEA165850LT-1197B2 product page link
HHM1521 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMDHHM1521XFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMD11809 - Immediate
HHM1521 product page link
HHM1517 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMDHHM1517XFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMD8969 - Immediate
HHM1517 product page link
HHM1595A1 datasheet linkXFMR BALUN RF 3.0-8.0GHZ UWB SMDHHM1595A1XFMR BALUN RF 3.0-8.0GHZ UWB SMD10559 - Immediate
HHM1595A1 product page link
HHM1520 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMDHHM1520XFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMD6551 - Immediate
HHM1520 product page link
HHM1570B1 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 4.9GHZ WLAN SMDHHM1570B1XFRMR BALUN RF 4.9GHZ WLAN SMD3232 - Immediate
HHM1570B1 product page link
HHM1711D1 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMDHHM1711D1XFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ SMD5364 - Immediate
HHM1711D1 product page link
DPX205950DT-9008A1 datasheet linkDIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 0805 SMDDPX205950DT-9008A1DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 0805 SMD3722 - Immediate
DPX205950DT-9008A1 product page link
HHM1710D1 product page link
HHM1562B datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 5.15GHZ WLAN SMDHHM1562BXFRMR BALUN RF 5.15GHZ WLAN SMD10251 - Immediate
HHM1562B product page link
DEA202484HT-8002A1 datasheet linkFILTER HIPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMDDEA202484HT-8002A1FILTER HIPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMD21880 - Immediate
DEA202484HT-8002A1 product page link
DEA252400BT-2030A1 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMDDEA252400BT-2030A1FILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMD8275 - Immediate
DEA252400BT-2030A1 product page link
HHM1752A2 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 5GHZ W-LAN SMDHHM1752A2XFRMR BALUN RF 5GHZ W-LAN SMD7874 - Immediate
HHM1752A2 product page link
DEA202450BT-1195A1 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMDDEA202450BT-1195A1FILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMD7467 - Immediate
DEA202450BT-1195A1 product page link
DEA252450BT-2024C2 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMDDEA252450BT-2024C2FILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMD4195 - Immediate
DEA252450BT-2024C2 product page link
DEA202450BT-7077A1 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4 GHZ SMDDEA202450BT-7077A1FILTER BANDPASS 2.4 GHZ SMD2660 - Immediate
DEA202450BT-7077A1 product page link
DEA202450BT-7041E1 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4 GHZ SMDDEA202450BT-7041E1FILTER BANDPASS 2.4 GHZ SMD3646 - Immediate
DEA202450BT-7041E1 product page link
DEA252450BT-7022B1 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ 1008 SMDDEA252450BT-7022B1FILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ 1008 SMD3392 - Immediate
DEA252450BT-7022B1 product page link
HHM1596A1 datasheet linkXFMR BALUN RF 3.1-4.9GHZ UWB SMDHHM1596A1XFMR BALUN RF 3.1-4.9GHZ UWB SMD2000 - Immediate
HHM1596A1 product page link
DEA162500LT-1212A1 datasheet linkFILTER LOWPASS 2.4GHZ W-LAN 0603DEA162500LT-1212A1FILTER LOWPASS 2.4GHZ W-LAN 06033343 - Immediate
DEA162500LT-1212A1 product page link
DEA252450BT-2027A1 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMDDEA252450BT-2027A1FILTER BANDPASS 2.4GHZ WLAN SMD2560 - Immediate
DEA252450BT-2027A1 product page link
HHM1732B1 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 5GHZ W-LAN SMDHHM1732B1XFRMR BALUN RF 5GHZ W-LAN SMD3856 - Immediate
HHM1732B1 product page link
DEA205425BT-2028A4 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 5GHZ W-LAN SMDDEA205425BT-2028A4FILTER BANDPASS 5GHZ W-LAN SMD1342 - Immediate
DEA205425BT-2028A4 product page link
HHM1583B1 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 4GHZ UWB SMDHHM1583B1XFRMR BALUN RF 4GHZ UWB SMD1945 - Immediate
HHM1583B1 product page link
ANT8030-2R4-01A datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4GHZ SMDANT8030-2R4-01AANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4GHZ SMD1785 - Immediate
ANT8030-2R4-01A product page link
DPX204752DT-4028A1 datasheet linkDIPLEXER 2.4/4.0GHZ WLAN 0805SMDDPX204752DT-4028A1DIPLEXER 2.4/4.0GHZ WLAN 0805SMD49 - Immediate
DPX204752DT-4028A1 product page link
HHM1541E1 datasheet linkXFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ BLUETOOTHHHM1541E1XFRMR BALUN RF 2.4GHZ BLUETOOTH0HHM1541E1 product page link
DEA252450BT-7035B2 datasheet linkFILTER BANDPASS 2.4 GHZ SMDDEA252450BT-7035B2FILTER BANDPASS 2.4 GHZ SMD0DEA252450BT-7035B2 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-04-10