EMC Applications


This tutorial will discuss the features and benefits of Taiyo Yuden’s SMD inductor products for EMC and explain the advantages of the SMD inductors over other inductor technologies.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFilter TypeNumber of LinesAvailable Quantity
FBMH1608HM101-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 100 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HM101-TFERRITE BEAD 100 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line1216607 - Immediate
FBMH1608HM101-T product page link
FBMH1608HM102-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HM102-TFERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line176011 - Immediate
FBMH1608HM102-T product page link
FBMH1608HL121-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HL121-TFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line197958 - Immediate
FBMH1608HL121-T product page link
FBMH1608HM221-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 220 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HM221-TFERRITE BEAD 220 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line138063 - Immediate
FBMH1608HM221-T product page link
FBMH1608HM151-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 150 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HM151-TFERRITE BEAD 150 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line130713 - Immediate
FBMH1608HM151-T product page link
FBMH1608HL331-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 330 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HL331-TFERRITE BEAD 330 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line120227 - Immediate
FBMH1608HL331-T product page link
FBMH1608HL471-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 470 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HL471-TFERRITE BEAD 470 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line113598 - Immediate
FBMH1608HL471-T product page link
FBMH1608HL300-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 30 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HL300-TFERRITE BEAD 30 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line16821 - Immediate
FBMH1608HL300-T product page link
FBMH1608HL600-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 60 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HL600-TFERRITE BEAD 60 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line15032 - Immediate
FBMH1608HL600-T product page link
FBMH1608HL221-T datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 220 OHM 0603 1LNFBMH1608HL221-TFERRITE BEAD 220 OHM 0603 1LNCut Tape (CT)Power Line13189 - Immediate
FBMH1608HL221-T product page link
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PTM Published on: 2008-07-24