thin film chip resistor

URG Thin Film Chip Resistor


This presentation introduces Susumu’s thin film chip resistor, the URG series. It will review Susumu’s thin film resistor technology and the RG series whose technology is the base for the URG series and compare the URG against the RG series.
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URG Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)ToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
URG2012L-151-L-T05RES SMD 150 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805150±0.01% <!--Precision-->955 - Immediate
URG1608L-152-L-T05RES SMD 1.5K OHM 0.01% 1/16W1.5k±0.01% <!--Precision-->725 - Immediate
URG2012L-102-L-T05RES SMD 1K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 08051k±0.01% <!--Precision-->789 - Immediate
URG3216L-101-L-T05RES SMD 100 OHM 0.01% 1/4W 1206100±0.01% <!--Precision-->892 - Immediate
URG3216L-683-L-T05RES SMD 68K OHM 0.01% 1/4W 120668k±0.01% <!--Precision-->797 - Immediate
URG1608L-102-L-T05RES SMD 1K OHM 0.01% 1/16W 06031k±0.01% <!--Precision-->866 - Immediate
URG1608L-151-L-T05RES SMD 150 OHM 0.01% 1/16W 0603150±0.01% <!--Precision-->770 - Immediate
URG1608L-221-L-T05RES SMD 220 OHM 0.01% 1/16W 0603220±0.01% <!--Precision-->935 - Immediate
URG1608L-222-L-T05RES SMD 2.2K OHM 0.01% 1/16W2.2k±0.01% <!--Precision-->939 - Immediate
URG1608L-331-L-T05RES SMD 330 OHM 0.01% 1/16W 0603330±0.01% <!--Precision-->997 - Immediate
URG1608L-332-L-T05RES SMD 3.3K OHM 0.01% 1/16W3.3k±0.01% <!--Precision-->828 - Immediate
URG1608L-471-L-T05RES SMD 470 OHM 0.01% 1/16W 0603470±0.01% <!--Precision-->962 - Immediate
URG1608L-472-L-T05RES SMD 4.7K OHM 0.01% 1/16W4.7k±0.01% <!--Precision-->803 - Immediate
URG2012L-331-L-T05RES SMD 330 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805330±0.01% <!--Precision-->1000 - Immediate
URG2012L-332-L-T05RES SMD 3.3K OHM 0.01% 1/10W3.3k±0.01% <!--Precision-->1000 - Immediate
URG2012L-471-L-T05RES SMD 470 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805470±0.01% <!--Precision-->1000 - Immediate
URG2012L-472-L-T05RES SMD 4.7K OHM 0.01% 1/10W4.7k±0.01% <!--Precision-->1000 - Immediate
URG3216L-152-L-T05RES SMD 1.5K OHM 0.01% 1/4W 12061.5k±0.01% <!--Precision-->1000 - Immediate
URG3216L-153-L-T05RES SMD 15K OHM 0.01% 1/4W 120615k±0.01% <!--Precision-->1000 - Immediate
URG3216L-222-L-T05RES SMD 2.2K OHM 0.01% 1/4W 12062.2k±0.01% <!--Precision-->1000 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2014-02-25