RGLL series

RGLL Thin Film Chip Resistor


This tutorial will discuss the latest RG chip resistor series, the RGLL, which was introduced to the market in the fall of 2012. There will be a discussion of the technology behind the RG series chip resistors including the RGLL and the RGVP series, Susumu’s high precision resistors. Characteristics of the RGLL and RGVP series performance and reliability will be highlighted, plus the position of the high precision series on the chip resistor technology map will be evaluated. For additional information regarding the standard RG series and Susumu’s other thin film resistors, the customer can view another product training module titled “Introduction to Thin-Film Chip Resistors.”
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)ToleranceAvailable Quantity
RG2012L-103-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 10K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-103-L-T05RES SMD 10K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 080510k±0.01%2967 - Immediate
RG2012L-103-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-682-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 6.8KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-682-L-T05RES SMD 6.8KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 08056.8k±0.01%2139 - Immediate
RG2012L-682-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-153-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 15K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-153-L-T05RES SMD 15K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 080515k±0.01%1321 - Immediate
RG2012L-153-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-331-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 330 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-331-L-T05RES SMD 330 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805330±0.01%959 - Immediate
RG2012L-331-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-222-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 2.2KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-222-L-T05RES SMD 2.2KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 08052.2k±0.01%553 - Immediate
RG2012L-222-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-472-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 4.7KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-472-L-T05RES SMD 4.7KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 08054.7k±0.01%627 - Immediate
RG2012L-472-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-271-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 270 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-271-L-T05RES SMD 270 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805270±0.01%906 - Immediate
RG2012L-271-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-471-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 470 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-471-L-T05RES SMD 470 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805470±0.01%602 - Immediate
RG2012L-471-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-333-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 33K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-333-L-T05RES SMD 33K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 080533k±0.01%480 - Immediate
RG2012L-333-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-223-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 22K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-223-L-T05RES SMD 22K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 080522k±0.01%470 - Immediate
RG2012L-223-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-152-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 1.5KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-152-L-T05RES SMD 1.5KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 08051.5k±0.01%450 - Immediate
RG2012L-152-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-332-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 3.3KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-332-L-T05RES SMD 3.3KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 08053.3k±0.01%312 - Immediate
RG2012L-332-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-681-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 680 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-681-L-T05RES SMD 680 OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805680±0.01%224 - Immediate
RG2012L-681-L-T05 product page link
RG2012L-102-L-T05 datasheet linkRES SMD 1K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0805RG2012L-102-L-T05RES SMD 1K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 08051k±0.01%130 - Immediate
RG2012L-102-L-T05 product page link
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