SFH series

IDC Header Line

Sullins Connector Solutions

This tutorial will discuss the features and benefits of the SFH series IDC (insulation displacement contact) sockets and the SIP series IDC dip plugs.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingContact TypeConnector TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SBH11-PBPC-D07-ST-BKCONN HEADER 2.54MM 14POS GOLDTrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded18852 - Immediate
SBH11-PBPC-D08-ST-BKCONN HEADER 2.54MM 16POS GOLDTrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded16374 - Immediate
SFH210-PPPC-D05-ID-BKCONN SOCKET IDC 10POS W/KEY GOLDTrayHeaderFemale Socket15135 - Immediate
SBH11-PBPC-D05-ST-BKCONN HEADER 2.54MM 10POS GOLDTrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded284907 - Immediate
SBH11-PBPC-D10-ST-BKCONN HEADER 2.54MM 20POS GOLDTrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded15181 - Immediate
SFH11-PBPC-D05-ST-BKCONN HEADR FMALE 10POS .1" DL AUTrayHeaderFemale Socket8003 - Immediate
SBH11-PBPC-D05-RA-BKCONN HEADR 2.54MM 10POS GOLD R/ATrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded5609 - Immediate
SBH11-PBPC-D07-RA-BKCONN HEADR 2.54MM 14POS GOLD R/ATrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded5701 - Immediate
SBH11-PBPC-D13-ST-BKCONN HEADER 2.54MM 26POS GOLDTrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded4489 - Immediate
SBH11-PBPC-D20-ST-BKCONN HEADER 2.54MM 40POS GOLDTrayMale PinHeader, Shrouded5054 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-03