Hi-Temp Card Edge

Hi-Temp Connectors

Sullins Connector Solutions

This tutorial will provide an overview of Sullins Connector Solutions high temperature card-edge connectors and headers.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCard TypeGenderAvailable Quantity
ACM22DSEH datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 44POS .156 EYELETACM22DSEHCONN EDGECARD 44POS .156 EYELETTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale134 - Immediate
ACM22DSEH product page link
ACM15DSEH datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 30POS .156 EYELETACM15DSEHCONN EDGECARD 30POS .156 EYELETTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale146 - Immediate
ACM15DSEH product page link
ACM36DSEH-S13 datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 72POS .156 EYELETACM36DSEH-S13CONN EDGECARD 72POS .156 EYELETTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale22 - Immediate
ACM36DSEH-S13 product page link
ACC30DREH datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 60POS .100 EYELETACC30DREHCONN EDGECARD 60POS .100 EYELETTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale8 - Immediate
ACC30DREH product page link
ACM36DRKH datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 72POS .156 DIP SLDACM36DRKHCONN EDGECARD 72POS .156 DIP SLDTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale11 - Immediate
ACM36DRKH product page link
ACC43DREH datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 86POS .100 EYELETACC43DREHCONN EDGECARD 86POS .100 EYELETTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale16 - Immediate
ACC43DREH product page link
ACC18DREH-S13 datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 36POS .100 EYELETACC18DREH-S13CONN EDGECARD 36POS .100 EYELETTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale0ACC18DREH-S13 product page link
ACC30DKNH-S1191 datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 60POS CARD EXTENDACC30DKNH-S1191CONN EDGECARD 60POS CARD EXTENDTrayNon Specified - Dual EdgeFemale0ACC30DKNH-S1191 product page link
ACB90DKBS datasheet linkCONN EDGECARD 90POS .1" SIDE MTACB90DKBSCONN EDGECARD 90POS .1" SIDE MTTrayNon Specified - Dual Edge, Bi-LevelFemale0ACB90DKBS product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-03