STRVS Repetitive Voltage Suppressors


This presentation will introduce the STMicroelectronics family of STRVS repetitive voltage suppressors and discuss how they are an improvement over other existing suppression solutions. The tutorial will provide an overview of ESD and TVS solutions and present the ST TVS portfolio, as well as an explanation of the device nomenclature. Repetitive voltage suppression requirements and implementation will be reviewed. Tools and resources available from ST will be reviewed.
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Related Parts
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeUnidirectional ChannelsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
TVS DIODE 128VWM 185VC DO15STRVS185X02ETVS DIODE 128VWM 185VC DO15Zener1990 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 154VWM 225VC DO15STRVS225X02ETVS DIODE 154VWM 225VC DO15Zener1998 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 171VWM 241VC DO15STRVS241X02ETVS DIODE 171VWM 241VC DO15Zener1863 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 128VWM 185VC SMBSTRVS185X02BTVS DIODE 128VWM 185VC SMBZener12365 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 102VWM 142VC DO201STRVS142X02FTVS DIODE 102VWM 142VC DO201Zener1596 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 128VWM 182VC DO201STRVS182X02FTVS DIODE 128VWM 182VC DO201Zener1560 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 154VWM 222VC DO201STRVS222X02FTVS DIODE 154VWM 222VC DO201Zener1600 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 171VWM 252VC DO201STRVS252X02FTVS DIODE 171VWM 252VC DO201Zener1592 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 188VWM 280VC DO201STRVS280X02FTVS DIODE 188VWM 280VC DO201Zener1563 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 171VWM 248VC SMCSTRVS248X02CTVS DIODE 171VWM 248VC SMCZener12421 - Immediate
TVS DIODE 85VWM 118VC SMCSTRVS118X02CTVS DIODE 85VWM 118VC SMCZener190 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2014-05-13