Smart on/off controller

STM660x Smart On/Off Controller


This tutorial will provide an introduction to the STM6600 and STM6601 controllers along with a review of several application examples.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
STM6601CQ2BDM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNSTM6601CQ2BDM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller4552 - Immediate
STM6601CQ2BDM6F product page link
STM6601CM2DDM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.1V 12TDFNSTM6601CM2DDM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.1V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller4044 - Immediate
STM6601CM2DDM6F product page link
STM6601AU2DDM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.5V 12TDFNSTM6601AU2DDM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.5V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller5014 - Immediate
STM6601AU2DDM6F product page link
STM6601BS2BDM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNSTM6601BS2BDM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller2990 - Immediate
STM6601BS2BDM6F product page link
STM6601AQ2BDM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNSTM6601AQ2BDM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller2766 - Immediate
STM6601AQ2BDM6F product page link
STM6601DS2BDM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNSTM6601DS2BDM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller2604 - Immediate
STM6601DS2BDM6F product page link
STM6600DA55DM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 2.5V 12TDFNSTM6600DA55DM6FIC SUPERVISOR 2.5V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller2503 - Immediate
STM6600DA55DM6F product page link
STM6600CS25DM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNSTM6600CS25DM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller2279 - Immediate
STM6600CS25DM6F product page link
STM6601BM2DDM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.1V 12TDFNSTM6601BM2DDM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.1V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller1279 - Immediate
STM6601BM2DDM6F product page link
STM6600DQ25DM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNSTM6600DQ25DM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller421 - Immediate
STM6600DQ25DM6F product page link
STM6600AS24DM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNSTM6600AS24DM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.4V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller252 - Immediate
STM6600AS24DM6F product page link
STM6600DU25DM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.5V 12TDFNSTM6600DU25DM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.5V 12TDFNActiveSmart ON/OFF Controller0STM6600DU25DM6F product page link
STM6600BQ24DM6F datasheet linkIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNSTM6600BQ24DM6FIC SUPERVISOR 3.3V 12TDFNDiscontinuedSmart ON/OFF Controller0STM6600BQ24DM6F product page link
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