RF Power and RF Power Transistor


This presentation will provide an overview of STMicroelectronics’ RF Power Transistors.  It will discuss RF Power Amplifier design.  Additionally, it will explain the STMicro Power Transistors product portfolio and compare their products to the competition.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTransistor TypeFrequencyAvailable Quantity
PD57060-E datasheet linkFET RF 65V 945MHZ PWRSO10PD57060-EFET RF 65V 945MHZ PWRSO10TubeLDMOS945MHz1358 - Immediate
PD57060-E product page link
PD57002-E datasheet linkFET RF 65V 960MHZ PWRSO10PD57002-EFET RF 65V 960MHZ PWRSO10TubeLDMOS960MHz517 - Immediate
PD57002-E product page link
PD55003-E datasheet linkFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO10PD55003-EFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO10TubeLDMOS500MHz344 - Immediate
PD55003-E product page link
PD55008-E datasheet linkFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO10PD55008-EFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO10TubeLDMOS500MHz320 - Immediate
PD55008-E product page link
PD55025-E datasheet linkFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO10PD55025-EFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO10TubeLDMOS500MHz302 - Immediate
PD55025-E product page link
PD54008-E datasheet linkFET RF 25V 500MHZ PWRSO10PD54008-EFET RF 25V 500MHZ PWRSO10TubeLDMOS500MHz548 - Immediate
PD54008-E product page link
PD55035-E datasheet linkFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO-10PD55035-EFET RF 40V 500MHZ PWRSO-10TubeLDMOS500MHz454 - Immediate
PD55035-E product page link
LET9045 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR RF POWER N-CH 80V 9ALET9045TRANSISTOR RF POWER N-CH 80V 9ATrayLDMOS960MHz118 - Immediate
LET9045 product page link
LET9045S datasheet linkTRANSISTOR RF POWER N-CH 80V 9ALET9045STRANSISTOR RF POWER N-CH 80V 9ATrayLDMOS960MHz117 - Immediate
LET9045S product page link
PD54008L-E datasheet linkTRANSISTOR RF 5X5 POWERFLATPD54008L-ETRANSISTOR RF 5X5 POWERFLATCut Tape (CT)LDMOS500MHz5336 - Immediate
PD54008L-E product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-03-26