MEMS Magnetometer Overview


This presentation will provide an overview of ST’s MEMS magnetometer roadmap and the technical basics. There will be a review of ST’s production capability and their MEMS products. The most recent MEMS magnetometer products and the technology involved will be discussed, as well as the specifications and features of the LSM303DLHC combination magnetometer and accelerometer. The available evaluation kit and software will be highlighted.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeOutput TypeAvailable Quantity
LSM303DLHCTR datasheet linkIMU ACCEL/MAG 3-AXIS I2C 14LGALSM303DLHCTRIMU ACCEL/MAG 3-AXIS I2C 14LGAAccelerometer, Magnetometer, 3 AxisI²C12742 - Immediate
LSM303DLHCTR product page link
LSM330DLCTR datasheet linkIMU ACCEL/GYRO I2C/SPI 28LGALSM330DLCTRIMU ACCEL/GYRO I2C/SPI 28LGAAccelerometer, Gyroscope, 3 AxisI²C, SPI3621 - Immediate
LSM330DLCTR product page link
LSM303DLHC datasheet linkIMU ACCEL/MAG 3-AXIS I2C 14LGALSM303DLHCIMU ACCEL/MAG 3-AXIS I2C 14LGAAccelerometer, Magnetometer, 3 AxisI²C0LSM303DLHC product page link
LSM303DLH datasheet linkIMU ACCEL/MAG 3-AXIS I2C 28LGALSM303DLHIMU ACCEL/MAG 3-AXIS I2C 28LGAAccelerometer, Magnetometer, 3 AxisI²C0LSM303DLH product page link
LSM330DLC datasheet linkIMU ACCEL/MAG I2C/SPI 28LGALSM330DLCIMU ACCEL/MAG I2C/SPI 28LGAAccelerometer, Magnetometer, 3 AxisI²C, SPI0LSM330DLC product page link

Eval Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeAvailable Quantity
STEVAL-MKI119V1 datasheet linkBOARD DEV EMOTION WIN8STEVAL-MKI119V1BOARD DEV EMOTION WIN8Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, 3 Axis54 - Immediate
STEVAL-MKI119V1 product page link
STEVAL-MKI106V1 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL LSM303DLHCSTEVAL-MKI106V1BOARD EVAL LSM303DLHCAccelerometer and Magnetometer10 - Immediate
STEVAL-MKI106V1 product page link
STEVAL-MKI114V1 datasheet linkBOARD DEMO KIT LSM303DLHCSTEVAL-MKI114V1BOARD DEMO KIT LSM303DLHCAccelerometer and Magnetometer8 - Immediate
STEVAL-MKI114V1 product page link
STEVAL-MKI124V1 datasheet linkBOARD ADAPTER 10-AXIS MOD DIL24STEVAL-MKI124V1BOARD ADAPTER 10-AXIS MOD DIL24Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Pressure, Temperature2 - Immediate
STEVAL-MKI124V1 product page link
STEVAL-MKI113V1 datasheet linkBOARD ADAPTER 24DIP LSM303DLMSTEVAL-MKI113V1BOARD ADAPTER 24DIP LSM303DLMAccelerometer and Magnetometer0STEVAL-MKI113V1 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-03-08