Typical LEDs

High Intensity LED Drive Solutions


This tutorial will review offline, low voltage, and dimming solutions for high intensity LED drives.  Applications for high-intensity LEDs can typically be divided into two main areas, illumination and signs or displays. This presentation will focus on illumination applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFunctionOutput ConfigurationAvailable Quantity
L5973D013TR datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 2.5A 8SOICL5973D013TRIC REG BUCK ADJ 2.5A 8SOICCut Tape (CT)Step-DownPositive11504 - Immediate
L5973D013TR product page link
L5973AD datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 2A 8SOICL5973ADIC REG BUCK ADJ 2A 8SOICTubeStep-DownPositive1942 - Immediate
L5973AD product page link
TS3431CILT datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TS3431CILTIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3Cut Tape (CT)ShuntAdjustable6755 - Immediate
TS3431CILT product page link
L5970D datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A 8SOICL5970DIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A 8SOICTubeStep-DownPositive1002 - Immediate
L5970D product page link
L5970D013TR datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A 8SOICL5970D013TRIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A 8SOICCut Tape (CT)Step-DownPositive2885 - Immediate
L5970D013TR product page link
L4971D013TR datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 1.5A 16SOICL4971D013TRIC REG BUCK ADJ 1.5A 16SOICCut Tape (CT)Step-DownPositive217 - Immediate
L4971D013TR product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-03