Dual Interface EEPROM

Dynamic NFC / RFID Tag


This presentation will discuss the Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag which combines the high reliability EEPROM process and a serial interface. There will be a review of radio frequency identification and near field communication technologies. The STMicroelectronics portfolio of RFID/NFC products will be highlighted, and the dynamic NFC/RFID tag, M24LRxxE, product line will be discussed. In addition, there will be an extensive review of target applications and triggers.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeFrequencyAvailable Quantity
M24LR04E-RDW6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 4KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR04E-RDW6T/2NFC/RFID 4KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz8056 - Immediate
M24LR04E-RDW6T/2 product page link
M24LR16E-RMC6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 16KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR16E-RMC6T/2NFC/RFID 16KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz7005 - Immediate
M24LR16E-RMC6T/2 product page link
M24LR64E-RMC6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 64KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR64E-RMC6T/2NFC/RFID 64KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz8655 - Immediate
M24LR64E-RMC6T/2 product page link
M24LR04E-RMN6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 4KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR04E-RMN6T/2NFC/RFID 4KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz5623 - Immediate
M24LR04E-RMN6T/2 product page link
M24LR16E-RMN6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 16KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR16E-RMN6T/2NFC/RFID 16KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz2544 - Immediate
M24LR16E-RMN6T/2 product page link
M24LR64E-RDW6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 64KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR64E-RDW6T/2NFC/RFID 64KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz4593 - Immediate
M24LR64E-RDW6T/2 product page link
M24LR04E-RMC6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 4KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR04E-RMC6T/2NFC/RFID 4KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz4512 - Immediate
M24LR04E-RMC6T/2 product page link
M24SR64-YMN6T/2 datasheet linkIC NFC/RFID TAG 64KB EEPROM 8SOIM24SR64-YMN6T/2IC NFC/RFID TAG 64KB EEPROM 8SOICut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz1746 - Immediate
M24SR64-YMN6T/2 product page link
M24LR16E-RDW6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 16KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR16E-RDW6T/2NFC/RFID 16KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz220 - Immediate
M24LR16E-RDW6T/2 product page link
M24LR64-RMN6T/2 datasheet linkNFC/RFID 64KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZM24LR64-RMN6T/2NFC/RFID 64KBIT EEPROM 13.56MHZCut Tape (CT)RFID Transponder13.56MHz40 - Immediate
M24LR64-RMN6T/2 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-08-02