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Automotive Grade Transistors and Discretes


The purpose of this presentation is to provide a better understanding of what automotive-grade means. There will be a discussion of the real value of an automotive grade part, and what documentation ST can deliver to the customer.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeAvailable Quantity
SM15T39CAY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 33.3VWM 69.7VC SMCSM15T39CAYTVS DIODE 33.3VWM 69.7VC SMCCut Tape (CT)Zener3970 - Immediate
SM15T39CAY product page link
SM15T33CAY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 28.2VWM 59VC SMCSM15T33CAYTVS DIODE 28.2VWM 59VC SMCCut Tape (CT)Zener2500 - Immediate
SM15T33CAY product page link
ESDA25LY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 24VWM 43VC SOT23-3ESDA25LYTVS DIODE 24VWM 43VC SOT23-3Cut Tape (CT)Zener2359 - Immediate
ESDA25LY product page link
SM15T24AY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 20.5VWM 42.8VC SMCSM15T24AYTVS DIODE 20.5VWM 42.8VC SMCCut Tape (CT)Zener2435 - Immediate
SM15T24AY product page link
SM15T27AY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 23.1VWM 48.3VC SMCSM15T27AYTVS DIODE 23.1VWM 48.3VC SMCCut Tape (CT)Zener1667 - Immediate
SM15T27AY product page link
SM15T30AY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 25.6VWM 53.5VC SMCSM15T30AYTVS DIODE 25.6VWM 53.5VC SMCCut Tape (CT)Zener1592 - Immediate
SM15T30AY product page link
SM6T27CAY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 23.1VWM 48.3VC SMBSM6T27CAYTVS DIODE 23.1VWM 48.3VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener2460 - Immediate
SM6T27CAY product page link
SM6T30AY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 25.6VWM 53.5VC SMBSM6T30AYTVS DIODE 25.6VWM 53.5VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener171 - Immediate
SM6T30AY product page link
SM15T18CAY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 15.3VWM 32.5VC SMCSM15T18CAYTVS DIODE 15.3VWM 32.5VC SMCCut Tape (CT)Zener370 - Immediate
SM15T18CAY product page link
SM6T27AY datasheet linkTVS DIODE 23.1VWM 48.3VC SMBSM6T27AYTVS DIODE 23.1VWM 48.3VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener26 - Immediate
SM6T27AY product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-10-16