AC Switches Family Part Two


This presentation will provide an overview of the AC Switches Family product offerings from STMicroelectronics. There will be examples of typical applications and product usage. The available packages will be presented, as well as the current UL, RoHS, and Halogen status. The STCC08, a monitoring device for use with AC switches will also be discussed.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
ACST410-8BTRTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 4A DPAK8279 - Immediate
T1610-800G-TRTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 16A D2PAK2409 - Immediate
T2535-800G-TRTRIAC ALTERNISTOR 800V 25A D2PAK3111 - Immediate
T3035H-6TTRIAC ALTERNISTOR 600V TO220AB1957 - Immediate
ACST610-8TTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 6A TO220AB4444 - Immediate
T3035H-6ITRIAC ALTERNISTOR 600V TO220AB6511 - Immediate
T3050H-6ITRIAC ALTERNISTOR 600V TO220AB775 - Immediate
ACST830-8GTRTRIAC 800V 8A D2PAK3998 - Immediate
ACST610-8FPTRIAC SENS GATE 800V TO220FPAB1176 - Immediate
ACST410-8FPTRIAC SENS GATE 800V TO220FPAB1652 - Immediate
T820T-6ITRIAC ALTERNISTOR 600V TO220AB6998 - Immediate
T810T-6ITRIAC SENS GATE 600V 8A TO220AB5973 - Immediate
ACST610-8GTRTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 6A D2PAK951 - Immediate
ACST435-8BTRTRIAC 800V 4A DPAK870 - Immediate
T825T-6ITRIAC 600V 8A TO220AB866 - Immediate
T835T-6ITRIAC ALTERNISTOR 600V TO220AB658 - Immediate
ACST1035-7TTRIAC 700V 10A TO220AB972 - Immediate
ACST1010-7TTRIAC SENS GATE 700V 10A TO220AB928 - Immediate
BTA06-800TWRGTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 6A TO220AB52 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2013-03-07