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Automotive Liquid Level Sensing

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This presentation will show how automotive liquid level sensing is having a significant effect on automotive safety and adding to the overall vehicle intelligence. It will present the reed sensor’s technology, how they ‘tie into’ the applications, and show how they solve the application problems. It will also present many of the applications and go into detail on some of them. The hermetically sealed reed switch is the main switching component in a reed sensor and represents a unique technology unto itself. This presentation will define its key functions and develop an understanding of its most commonly used terms. It will also introduce the automotive sensing needs and how the reed sensors solve the many application needs.


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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusOutput TypeTypeAvailable Quantity
MK04-1B90C-500W datasheet linkSENSOR MAGNETIC REED FLAT PACKMK04-1B90C-500WSENSOR MAGNETIC REED FLAT PACKActiveSPST-NCReed Switch938 - Immediate
MK04-1B90C-500W product page link
MK20/1-B-100W datasheet linkSENSOR MAGNETIC CYL REED W/CABLEMK20/1-B-100WSENSOR MAGNETIC CYL REED W/CABLEActiveSPST-NOReed Switch1338 - Immediate
MK20/1-B-100W product page link
MK20/2-B-100W datasheet linkSENSOR MAGNETIC CYL REED W/CABLEMK20/2-B-100WSENSOR MAGNETIC CYL REED W/CABLEActiveSPST-NOReed Switch366 - Immediate
MK20/2-B-100W product page link
MK11-1A66C-500W datasheet linkSENSOR MAGNETIC THREAD W/CABLEMK11-1A66C-500WSENSOR MAGNETIC THREAD W/CABLEActiveSPST-NOReed Switch348 - Immediate
MK11-1A66C-500W product page link
MK21M-1A66B-500W datasheet linkSENSOR REED SPST-NO HI TEMPMK21M-1A66B-500WSENSOR REED SPST-NO HI TEMPActiveSPST-NOReed Switch53 - Immediate
MK21M-1A66B-500W product page link
MK11/M8-1C90C-500W datasheet linkSENSOR REED SPST-NC THREADED 8MMMK11/M8-1C90C-500WSENSOR REED SPST-NC THREADED 8MMActiveSPDTReed Switch74 - Immediate
MK11/M8-1C90C-500W product page link
MK13-1A66B-500W datasheet linkSENSOR MAGNETIC FLAT PACKMK13-1A66B-500WSENSOR MAGNETIC FLAT PACKActiveSPST-NOReed Switch64 - Immediate
MK13-1A66B-500W product page link
MK21M-1A66C-500W datasheet linkSENSOR REED SPST-NO HI TEMPMK21M-1A66C-500WSENSOR REED SPST-NO HI TEMPActiveSPST-NOReed Switch0MK21M-1A66C-500W product page link
MK21P-KIT datasheet linkREED SENSOR/MAGNET EVAL KITMK21P-KITREED SENSOR/MAGNET EVAL KITActiveProximity, Magnetic25 ~ 56 AT11 - Immediate
MK21P-KIT product page link
MK04-1A66C-500W datasheet linkSENSOR REED SPST-NO SCREW MOUNTMK04-1A66C-500WSENSOR REED SPST-NO SCREW MOUNTActiveSPST-NOReed Switch20 - Immediate
MK04-1A66C-500W product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-04-14