RNV Series

Stackpole Electronics, Inc.

This presentation will discuss common design challenges that engineers face and show how the RNV’s performance solves those challenges.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)ToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RNV14FAL2M00RES MF HV .25W 2M OHM 1% AXIAL2M±1%15441 - Immediate
RNV14FAL330KRES MF HV .25W 330K OHM 1% AXIAL330k±1%6628 - Immediate
RNV14FAL470KRES MF HV .25W 470K OHM 1% AXIAL470k±1%5614 - Immediate
RNV14FAL4M70RES MF HV .25W 4.7M OHM 1% AXIAL4.7M±1%5792 - Immediate
RNV14FAL15M0RES MF HV .25W 15M OHM 1% AXIAL15M±1%4058 - Immediate
RNV14FAL100KRES MF HV .25W 100K OHM 1% AXIAL100k±1%3984 - Immediate
RNV14FAL220KRES MF HV .25W 220K OHM 1% AXIAL220k±1%2455 - Immediate
RNV14FAL270KRES MF HV .25W 270K OHM 1% AXIAL270k±1%3161 - Immediate
RNV14FAL510KRES MF HV .25W 510K OHM 1% AXIAL510k±1%2871 - Immediate
RNV14FAL3M00RES MF HV .25W 3M OHM 1% AXIAL3M±1%3263 - Immediate
RNV14FAL3M90RES MF HV .25W 3.9M OHM 1% AXIAL3.9M±1%3860 - Immediate
RNV14FAL10M0RES MF HV .25W 10M OHM 1% AXIAL10M±1%3866 - Immediate
RNV14FAL680KRES MF HV .25W 680K OHM 1% AXIAL680k±1%2723 - Immediate
RNV14FAL7M50RES MF HV .25W 7.5M OHM 1% AXIAL7.5M±1%2563 - Immediate
RNV14FAL620KRES MF HV .25W 620K OHM 1% AXIAL620k±1%1707 - Immediate
RNV14FAL120KRES MF HV .25W 120K OHM 1% AXIAL120k±1%2276 - Immediate
RNV14FAL130KRES MF HV .25W 130K OHM 1% AXIAL130k±1%3774 - Immediate
RNV14FAL160KRES MF HV .25W 160K OHM 1% AXIAL160k±1%3306 - Immediate
RNV14FAL360KRES MF HV .25W 360K OHM 1% AXIAL360k±1%3222 - Immediate
RNV14FAL390KRES MF HV .25W 390K OHM 1% AXIAL390k±1%2355 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-18