RNCS Series Passivated Thin Film Resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc.

This presentation will compare the different technologies used for thin film chip resistors and present the benefits of Stackpole’s RNCS series.
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RNCS Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)ToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RNCS0603BKE10K0RES SMD 10K OHM 0.1% 1/16W 060310k±0.1% <!--Precision-->61129 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE49R9RES SMD 49.9 OHM 0.1% 1/16W 060349.9±0.1% <!--Precision-->61525 - Immediate
RNCS1206BKE10K0RES SMD 10K OHM 0.1% 1/8W 120610k±0.1% <!--Precision-->10829 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE100KRES SMD 100K OHM 0.1% 1/16W 0603100k±0.1% <!--Precision-->57038 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE1K00RES SMD 1K OHM 0.1% 1/16W 06031k±0.1% <!--Precision-->18795 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE3K01RES SMD 3.01K OHM 0.1% 1/16W3.01k±0.1% <!--Precision-->15465 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE100RRES SMD 100 OHM 0.1% 1/16W 0603100±0.1% <!--Precision-->13229 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE49K9RES SMD 49.9K OHM 0.1% 1/16W49.9k±0.1% <!--Precision-->13623 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE4K99RES SMD 4.99K OHM 0.1% 1/16W4.99k±0.1% <!--Precision-->10970 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE249KRES SMD 249K OHM 0.1% 1/16W 0603249k±0.1% <!--Precision-->6706 - Immediate
RNCS0603BKE24K9RES SMD 24.9K OHM 0.1% 1/16W24.9k±0.1% <!--Precision-->4458 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE10K0RES SMD 10K OHM 0.1% 1/10W 080510k±0.1% <!--Precision-->73901 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE100RRES SMD 100 OHM 0.1% 1/10W 0805100±0.1% <!--Precision-->24259 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE10R0RES SMD 10 OHM 0.1% 1/10W 080510±0.1% <!--Precision-->21348 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE20K0RES SMD 20K OHM 0.1% 1/10W 080520k±0.1% <!--Precision-->16366 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE1K00RES SMD 1K OHM 0.1% 1/10W 08051k±0.1% <!--Precision-->10421 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE499KRES SMD 499K OHM 0.1% 1/10W 0805499k±0.1% <!--Precision-->8792 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE2K74RES SMD 2.74K OHM 0.1% 1/10W2.74k±0.1% <!--Precision-->5536 - Immediate
RNCS0805BKE49R9RES SMD 49.9 OHM 0.1% 1/10W 080549.9±0.1% <!--Precision-->3423 - Immediate
RNCS1206BKE100KRES SMD 100K OHM 0.1% 1/8W 1206100k±0.1% <!--Precision-->18730 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-09-06