HDMI Applications

ESD Suppressors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc.

This tutorial will present the functions, features, and applications of SEI’s ESD suppressors.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - WorkingVoltage - ClampingAvailable Quantity
ESDU02A5V5R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0402ESDU02A5V5R17VVARISTOR 17V 04025.5V17V28324 - Immediate
ESDU02A5V5R17V product page link
ESD03A5V5R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0603ESD03A5V5R17VVARISTOR 17V 06035.5V17V10550 - Immediate
ESD03A5V5R17V product page link
ESDU03A5V5R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0603ESDU03A5V5R17VVARISTOR 17V 06035.5V17V30080 - Immediate
ESDU03A5V5R17V product page link
ESD03A12VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESD03A12VR25VVARISTOR 25V 060312V25V8809 - Immediate
ESD03A12VR25V product page link
ESD02A12VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESD02A12VR25VVARISTOR 25V 040212V25V36930 - Immediate
ESD02A12VR25V product page link
ESD02A3V3R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESD02A3V3R25VVARISTOR 25V 04023.3V25V11184 - Immediate
ESD02A3V3R25V product page link
ESD02A24VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESD02A24VR25VVARISTOR 25V 040224V25V12995 - Immediate
ESD02A24VR25V product page link
ESD02A12VR17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0402ESD02A12VR17VVARISTOR 17V 040212V17V42015 - Immediate
ESD02A12VR17V product page link
ESD02A3V3R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0402ESD02A3V3R17VVARISTOR 17V 04023.3V17V16671 - Immediate
ESD02A3V3R17V product page link
ESDU02A12VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESDU02A12VR25VVARISTOR 25V 040212V25V69970 - Immediate
ESDU02A12VR25V product page link
ESDU02A3V3R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESDU02A3V3R25VVARISTOR 25V 04023.3V25V18935 - Immediate
ESDU02A3V3R25V product page link
ESDU02A5V5R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESDU02A5V5R25VVARISTOR 25V 04025.5V25V19553 - Immediate
ESDU02A5V5R25V product page link
ESDU02A3V3R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0402ESDU02A3V3R17VVARISTOR 17V 04023.3V17V11660 - Immediate
ESDU02A3V3R17V product page link
ESDU02A12VR17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0402ESDU02A12VR17VVARISTOR 17V 040212V17V19790 - Immediate
ESDU02A12VR17V product page link
ESDU03A5V5R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESDU03A5V5R25VVARISTOR 25V 06035.5V25V49552 - Immediate
ESDU03A5V5R25V product page link
ESDU03A3V3R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESDU03A3V3R25VVARISTOR 25V 06033.3V25V9449 - Immediate
ESDU03A3V3R25V product page link
ESDU03A12VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESDU03A12VR25VVARISTOR 25V 060312V25V7532 - Immediate
ESDU03A12VR25V product page link
ESDU03A12VR17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0603ESDU03A12VR17VVARISTOR 17V 060312V17V9653 - Immediate
ESDU03A12VR17V product page link
ESD02A5V5R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESD02A5V5R25VVARISTOR 25V 04025.5V25V7852 - Immediate
ESD02A5V5R25V product page link
ESD02A5V5R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0402ESD02A5V5R17VVARISTOR 17V 04025.5V17V6601 - Immediate
ESD02A5V5R17V product page link
ESD03A24VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESD03A24VR25VVARISTOR 25V 060324V25V5384 - Immediate
ESD03A24VR25V product page link
ESDU02A24VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0402ESDU02A24VR25VVARISTOR 25V 040224V25V12910 - Immediate
ESDU02A24VR25V product page link
ESD03A3V3R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0603ESD03A3V3R17VVARISTOR 17V 06033.3V17V4100 - Immediate
ESD03A3V3R17V product page link
ESDU03A24VR25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESDU03A24VR25VVARISTOR 25V 060324V25V1450 - Immediate
ESDU03A24VR25V product page link
ESD03A12VR17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0603ESD03A12VR17VVARISTOR 17V 060312V17V550 - Immediate
ESD03A12VR17V product page link
ESD03A3V3R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESD03A3V3R25VVARISTOR 25V 06033.3V25V0ESD03A3V3R25V product page link
ESD03A5V5R25V datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603ESD03A5V5R25VVARISTOR 25V 06035.5V25V0ESD03A5V5R25V product page link
ESDU03A3V3R17V datasheet linkVARISTOR 17V 0603ESDU03A3V3R17VVARISTOR 17V 06033.3V17V0ESDU03A3V3R17V product page link
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