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P51 Pressure Measurement Overview

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Welcome to the SSI MediaSensor™ P51 Pressure Sensors presentation which delves into defining the differences between different measurement options. There is frequently confusion over just what pressure is being measured when talking of psia, psis, or psig, and this Product Training Module will hopefully clarify the  differences.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
P51-200-G-A-I36-5V-000-000SENSOR 200PSIG 1/4NPT 5V102 - Immediate
P51-50-G-B-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 50PSIG 1/8NPT 4.5V78 - Immediate
P51-1000-S-A-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 1000PSIS 1/4NPT 4.5V44 - Immediate
P51-100-A-B-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 100PSIA 1/8NPT 4.5V40 - Immediate
P51-1000-S-B-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 1000PSIS 1/8NPT 4.5V39 - Immediate
P51-100-G-B-I36-5V-000-000SENSOR 100PSIG 1/8NPT 5V33 - Immediate
P51-100-G-A-I36-5V-000-000SENSOR 100PSIG 1/4NPT 5V44 - Immediate
P51-100-G-A-I36-20MA-000-000SENSOR 100PSIG 1/4NPT 20MA128 - Immediate
P51-3-G-UC-I36-20MA-000-000SENSOR 3 PSIG 20MA 1/4 - 18 NPT75 - Immediate
P51-50-A-B-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 50PSIA 1/8NPT 4.5V22 - Immediate
P51-200-G-A-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 200PSIG 1/4NPT 4.5V19 - Immediate
P51-100-G-B-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 100PSIG 1/8NPT 4.5V17 - Immediate
P51-200-G-B-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 200PSIG 1/8NPT 4.5V15 - Immediate
P51-50-G-A-I36-20MA-000-000SENSOR 50PSIG 1/4NPT 20MA19 - Immediate
14306.3CABLE W/PACKARD CONNECTOR 72"46 - Immediate
P51-1000-A-B-I36-5V-000-000SENSOR 1000PSIA 1/8NPT 5V16 - Immediate
P51-300-G-A-I36-20MA-000-000SENSOR 300PSIG 1/4NPT 20MA2 - Immediate
P51-200-A-E-I36-5V-000-000SENS 200PSI 22MM 3/8-24 UNF 1-5V22 - Immediate
P51-15-G-UB-I36-4.5V-000-000SENSOR 15PSIG 1/8NPT 4.5V0
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PTM Published on: 2011-01-24