Membrane Sensing Technology

Spectra Symbol

The objective of this training tutorial is to provide a basic introduction to Spectra Symbol's membrane sensing technology, review basic principles of operation, and provide application examples.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAvailable Quantity
WP-M1-01-03-014-DI datasheet linkWIPER 1-3NEWTONS 14MM DELRINWP-M1-01-03-014-DIWIPER 1-3NEWTONS 14MM DELRINActive943 - Immediate
WP-M1-01-03-014-DI product page link
SP-L-0100-103-3%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR SOFTPOT 10K OHM 100MMSP-L-0100-103-3%-RHSENSOR SOFTPOT 10K OHM 100MMActive481 - Immediate
SP-L-0100-103-3%-RH product page link
FS-L-0095-103-ST datasheet linkFLEX SENSOR 10K OHM 112.24MMFS-L-0095-103-STFLEX SENSOR 10K OHM 112.24MMActive795 - Immediate
FS-L-0095-103-ST product page link
TSP-L-0025-103-1%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 25MMTSP-L-0025-103-1%-RHSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 25MMActive202 - Immediate
TSP-L-0025-103-1%-RH product page link
TSP-L-0200-103-1%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 200MMTSP-L-0200-103-1%-RHSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 200MMActive136 - Immediate
TSP-L-0200-103-1%-RH product page link
SP-L-0050-103-3%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR SOFTPOT 10K OHM 50MMSP-L-0050-103-3%-RHSENSOR SOFTPOT 10K OHM 50MMActive85 - Immediate
SP-L-0050-103-3%-RH product page link
TSP-L-0100-103-3%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 100MMTSP-L-0100-103-3%-RHSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 100MMActive98 - Immediate
TSP-L-0100-103-3%-RH product page link
TSP-L-0012-103-1%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 12.5MMTSP-L-0012-103-1%-RHSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 12.5MMActive99 - Immediate
TSP-L-0012-103-1%-RH product page link
TSP-L-0300-103-1%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 300MMTSP-L-0300-103-1%-RHSENSOR THINPOT 10K OHM 300MMActive42 - Immediate
TSP-L-0300-103-1%-RH product page link
SP-L-0300-103-1%-RH datasheet linkSENSOR SOFTPOT 10K OHM 300MMSP-L-0300-103-1%-RHSENSOR SOFTPOT 10K OHM 300MMActive19 - Immediate
SP-L-0300-103-1%-RH product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-09-06