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Diodes and Passive Overview

Skyworks Solutions Inc

In this presentation, we will provide an overview of Skyworks Solutions, discuss the products we offer, the markets we serve and the applications we support. More specifically, we will discuss Skyworks’ extensive RF diode product portfolio, offering an overview of the various diode packages offered, as well as the applications engineering support available from Skyworks. Finally, we will leave you with important information on how to purchase these products and start resolving your design challenges today! Skyworks Solutions offers a broad portfolio of RF and microwave diodes for wide range of applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingDiode TypeVoltage - Peak Reverse (Max)Available Quantity
DIODE RF PIN 50V 150MA 0402SMP1345-040LFDIODE RF PIN 50V 150MA 0402Cut Tape (CT)PIN - Single50V153230 - Immediate
SMP1345-040LF product page link
DIODE PIN 50V 150MA 0402SMP1320-040LFDIODE PIN 50V 150MA 0402Cut Tape (CT)PIN - Single50V14950 - Immediate
SMP1320-040LF product page link
DIODE PIN 50V 250MW SC-79SMP1340-079LFDIODE PIN 50V 250MW SC-79Cut Tape (CT)PIN - Single50V13430 - Immediate
SMP1340-079LF product page link
DIODE PIN 100V 250MW SC-79SMP1321-079LFDIODE PIN 100V 250MW SC-79Cut Tape (CT)PIN - Single100V4445 - Immediate
SMP1321-079LF product page link
DIODE SCHOTTKY 70V 50MA SC79SMS3924-079LFDIODE SCHOTTKY 70V 50MA SC79Cut Tape (CT)Schottky - Single70V14095 - Immediate
SMS3924-079LF product page link
DIODE SCHOTTKY 8V 50MA SC79SMS3922-079LFDIODE SCHOTTKY 8V 50MA SC79Cut Tape (CT)Schottky - Single8V4238 - Immediate
SMS3922-079LF product page link
DIODE LIMITER 150MA 0402SMP1330-040LFDIODE LIMITER 150MA 0402Cut Tape (CT)PIN - Single50V6006 - Immediate
SMP1330-040LF product page link
DIODE PIN 200V 250MW SOT-5SMP1307-027LFDIODE PIN 200V 250MW SOT-5Cut Tape (CT)PIN - 2 Pair CA + CC200V5880 - Immediate
SMP1307-027LF product page link
DIODE PIN 50V 150MA 0402SMP1340-040LFDIODE PIN 50V 150MA 0402Cut Tape (CT)PIN - Single50V14605 - Immediate
SMP1340-040LF product page link
DIODE PIN 200V 150MA 0402SMP1352-040LFDIODE PIN 200V 150MA 0402Cut Tape (CT)PIN - Single200V14612 - Immediate
SMP1352-040LF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2010-11-23