Cap Poly 100uF 25V

PZA Series Solid Polymer Electrolytic Capacitor


This presentation will provide an overview of the PZA Series of solid polymer electrolytic capacitors from Rubycon. Items discussed include features and benefits, performance characteristics, and example applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
CAP POLYMER 47UF 20% 63V T/H63PZA47M10X13CAP POLYMER 47UF 20% 63V T/HBulk47µF±20%1692 - Immediate
63PZA47M10X13 product page link
CAP POLYMER 150UF 20% 35V T/H35PZA150M10X13CAP POLYMER 150UF 20% 35V T/HBulk150µF±20%847 - Immediate
35PZA150M10X13 product page link
CAP POLYMER 220UF 20% 25V T/H25PZA220M10X13CAP POLYMER 220UF 20% 25V T/HBulk220µF±20%595 - Immediate
25PZA220M10X13 product page link
CAP POLYMER 22UF 20% 63V T/H63PZA22M8X10CAP POLYMER 22UF 20% 63V T/HBulk22µF±20%1894 - Immediate
63PZA22M8X10 product page link
CAP POLYMER 68UF 20% 50V T/H50PZA68M10X13CAP POLYMER 68UF 20% 50V T/HBulk68µF±20%13000 - Immediate
50PZA68M10X13 product page link
CAP POLYMER 100UF 20% 25V T/H25PZA100M8X10CAP POLYMER 100UF 20% 25V T/HBulk100µF±20%516 - Immediate
25PZA100M8X10 product page link
CAP POLYMER 56UF 20% 35V T/H35PZA56M8X10CAP POLYMER 56UF 20% 35V T/HBulk56µF±20%975 - Immediate
35PZA56M8X10 product page link
CAP POLYMER 33UF 20% 50V T/H50PZA33M8X10CAP POLYMER 33UF 20% 50V T/HBulk33µF±20%937 - Immediate
50PZA33M8X10 product page link
CAP POLYMER 120UF 20% 25V T/H25PZA120M8X12.5CAP POLYMER 120UF 20% 25V T/HBulk120µF±20%997 - Immediate
25PZA120M8X12.5 product page link
CAP POLYMER 27UF 20% 63V T/H63PZA27M8X12.5CAP POLYMER 27UF 20% 63V T/HBulk27µF±20%996 - Immediate
63PZA27M8X12.5 product page link
CAP POLYMER 39UF 20% 50V T/H50PZA39M8X12.5CAP POLYMER 39UF 20% 50V T/HBulk39µF±20%990 - Immediate
50PZA39M8X12.5 product page link
CAP POLYMER 82UF 20% 35V T/H35PZA82M8X12.5CAP POLYMER 82UF 20% 35V T/HBulk82µF±20%690 - Immediate
35PZA82M8X12.5 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-05-05