Box Fiber 3.15x2.95x2.22" Gray

Fiberglass 02 Enclosures

Rose Bopla

This presentation will provide an overview of Roses' high quality Glass Filled Polyester enclosures, including its accessories and customization options.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusContainer TypeSize / DimensionAvailable Quantity
021636090 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 14.17"L X 6.3"W021636090BOX PLASTIC GRAY 14.17"L X 6.3"WActiveBox14.173" L x 6.299" W (360.00mm x 160.00mm)47 - Immediate
021636090 product page link
021222090 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 8.66"L X 4.72"W021222090BOX PLASTIC GRAY 8.66"L X 4.72"WActiveBox8.661" L x 4.724" W (220.00mm x 120.00mm)50 - Immediate
021222090 product page link
021626090 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 10.24"L X 6.3"W021626090BOX PLASTIC GRAY 10.24"L X 6.3"WActiveBox10.236" L x 6.299" W (260.00mm x 160.00mm)16 - Immediate
021626090 product page link
020808060 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 3.15"L X 2.95"W020808060BOX PLASTIC GRAY 3.15"L X 2.95"WActiveBox3.150" L x 2.953" W (80.00mm x 75.00mm)13 - Immediate
020808060 product page link
020811060 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.33"L X 2.95"W020811060BOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.33"L X 2.95"WActiveBox4.331" L x 2.953" W (110.00mm x 75.00mm)29 - Immediate
020811060 product page link
020811080 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.33"L X 2.95"W020811080BOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.33"L X 2.95"WActiveBox4.331" L x 2.953" W (110.00mm x 75.00mm)56 - Immediate
020811080 product page link
021616090 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 6.3"L X 6.3"W021616090BOX PLASTIC GRAY 6.3"L X 6.3"WActiveBox6.299" L x 6.299" W (160.00mm x 160.00mm)51 - Immediate
021616090 product page link
021212090 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.8"L X 4.72"W021212090BOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.8"L X 4.72"WActiveBox4.803" L x 4.724" W (122.00mm x 120.00mm)5 - Immediate
021212090 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-12-19