IC Detector Volt 3.2V ODRN 5SSOP

Voltage Detectors

Rohm Semiconductor (Passive)

This tutorial provides an overview of ROHM’s voltage detector product line. It also describes the available features and explains their advantages.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of Voltages MonitoredAvailable QuantityBuy Now
BD5232G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 3.2V ODRN 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset18717 -

BD5223G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 2.3V ODRN 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset15875 -

BD5242G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 4.2V ODRN 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset15775 -

BD4928G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 2.8V CMOS 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset13907 -

BD4823FVE-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 2.3V ODRN 5VSOFSimple Reset/Power-On Reset11632 -

BD5342G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 4.2V CMOS 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset18205 -

BD5233G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 3.3V ODRN 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset11037 -

BD4842FVE-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 4.2V ODRN 5VSOFSimple Reset/Power-On Reset12671 -

BD4942G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 4.2V CMOS 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset11871 -

BD5332G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 3.2V CMOS 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset12490 -

BD4937FVE-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 3.7V CMOS 5VSOFSimple Reset/Power-On Reset10
BD5323G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 2.3V CMOS 5SSOPSimple Reset/Power-On Reset10
BD4832FVE-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 3.2V ODRN 5VSOFSimple Reset/Power-On Reset10
BD4923FVE-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 2.3V CMOS 5VSOFSimple Reset/Power-On Reset10
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-17